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"The lawyer of these burglars goes over to the judge."

Translation:Ezeknek a betörőknek az ügyvédje odamegy a bíróhoz.

November 14, 2016



why not Ügyvédjük?


Have the same puzzle ?? why not ugyvegJUK ????

Ezeknek az embereknek nincs ház[uk]. Ezeknek az énekesnőknek van egy főnök[ük]. Ezeknek a betörőknek az ügyvéd[je] odamegy a bíróhoz.


Everywhere else a verb + "over" is translated with "at-" and verb + "oda" is translated as "there" -- why is it different here?


Goes over to the judge = ODAmegy a bíróhoz, because the 2 actors are in the same room/place, probably during a trial.

Goes over to the judge = ÁTmegy a bíróhoz, because the 2 actors are in a separate place/room.

'Átmegyek hozzátok, odamegyek hozzád és megölellek' = 'I go over to you [to your place] and i go over to you [in the room] and give you a hug.'

'Átmegy hozzá, odamegy hozzá és megöleli' = 'She goes over to her, goes over to her and gives her a hug.'


Maybe because it has been corrected to sound more natural in English? I would hope so. If not, then this is just a lucky inconsistency in the course.

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