"The lawyer of these burglars goes over to the judge."

Translation:Ezeknek a betörőknek az ügyvédje odamegy a bíróhoz.

November 14, 2016

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why not Ügyvédjük?


Have the same puzzle ?? why not ugyvegJUK ????

Ezeknek az embereknek nincs ház[uk]. Ezeknek az énekesnőknek van egy főnök[ük]. Ezeknek a betörőknek az ügyvéd[je] odamegy a bíróhoz.


Everywhere else a verb + "over" is translated with "at-" and verb + "oda" is translated as "there" -- why is it different here?


Goes over to the judge = ODAmegy a bíróhoz, because the 2 actors are in the same room/place, probably during a trial.

Goes over to the judge = ÁTmegy a bíróhoz, because the 2 actors are in a separate place/room.

'Átmegyek hozzátok, odamegyek hozzád és megölellek' = 'I go over to you [to your place] and i go over to you [in the room] and give you a hug.'

'Átmegy hozzá, odamegy hozzá és megöleli' = 'She goes over to her, goes over to her and gives her a hug.'


Maybe because it has been corrected to sound more natural in English? I would hope so. If not, then this is just a lucky inconsistency in the course.


I just checked the accepted translations and there is a wrong one among them:
"Odamegy ezeknek a betörőknek a bírója a bíróhoz."
Someone, having the appropriate rights, please delete it.


Wgen the possessir is plural when is the "possessed"thing in the singular? It seems to be at random from the different sentences we had.

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