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Too many sentences are nonsense for children written by kindergarten teachers.

We should be learning conversational Hungarian. The nonsense examples might have seemed like a good idea at first, but it gets in the way eventually. It makes it more difficult to see what we are supposed to learn. And too often you can hear that these examples are cutesy things that someone might say to a child, which is not helpful.

November 14, 2016



yes, you are absolutly right. Sentences like " an elephant drinks milk" aren't useful at all.

[deactivated user]

    Totally agree. We could be learning "chunks" of useful phrases.


    Is this correct? Túl sok mondat gyerekeknek óvónőktől írt képtelenség.


    Túl sok mondat értelmetlen, amiket óvónők írtak gyerekeknek. This means: Too many sentences are nonsensical, written by kindergarten teachers for kids.


    Túl sok mondat teljes képtelenség, gyerekeknek amiket ovónők írtak.


    I totally agree, I've applied to work for you on the english-hungarian and vice versa courses but received no response, but i still feel that as a hun-eng bilingual, even i alone could correct a lot of these completely nonsensical examples...


    I thought the point of this course was to teach the grammatical structure of Hungarian, not useful phrases. There are thousands of easily google-able ways to learn conversational Hungarian for tourists. "Good day, where is a nice hotel in the city?" Etc. Only without the grammar and sentence structure any reply one would receive would be gibberish, and you wouldn't be able to go any further. I don't think Duolingo is for speaking to people or ordering food. I think it's to teach you how to read and understand Hungarian, and from there you will know how the language WORKS, which will make conversational speaking much easier and you will not make poorly constructed sentences. In that regard, knowing how to say that "the kindergarten teachers are flying over to the roof where the elephant drinks milk under the chimney", and which object is in focus, and what correctly conjugated verbs, directional postpositions and preverbs are involved, etc is invaluable. Even if the sentence itself is stupid. I have several other Hungarian courses or apps waiting in the wings, all of which are far more vocabulary-building or conversationally focused, but none of them really help with the structure of the language, which Duo is actually pretty good for.

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