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nouveau and nouvelle

in what cases should we use nouveau and nouvelle?

February 12, 2013



"Nouveau" is used with masculine nouns: "nouveau journal" - plural: "nouveaux"

"Nouvelle" is used with feminine nouns: "nouvelle lettre" - plural: "nouvelles"

In addition, "nouveau" in front of a vowel or a non-aspired "h" becomes: un nouvel ami - un nouvel homme.


Thank you for clarifying! How it changes with a vowel really threw me off


Nouveau is a masculine adjective, nouvelle is a feminine one.

"le nouveau garçon" - The new boy

"la nouvelle femme" - The new woman

But if you're modifying a masculine noun that begins with a vowel or a mute h, then you use "nouvel" so

"le nouvel homme" - The new man

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