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What happened to the weekly progress reports?

Usually on Mondays I receive a weekly progress report for all my students. It did not come this week and I really need it to keep track of their progress weekly. How can I get the reports for this last week? How can I make sure to get future reports?

November 14, 2016



Yep, just received mine as well.


Hi, I just started using Duolingo for schools, I would like to know how can I get this weekly report you guys are talking about.

Can anybody help me whit that? Please! Thanks for your help!!


I am responding because I posted the same question and it seems we aren't getting answers. Last weekly report was received on Decmember 18. So frustrating!


I'm wondering the same. I can usually track it on the Dashboard as well, but some of my last week assignments still say "Pending," so I've lost 2 tracking functions since last Monday when I realized an update was made allowing us to post-date the start of assignments; and, I'm glad for that. Something, however, is awry.


I also did not get my weekly progress report. How can I get my report? Is there a way to print the report? How do I get back on the list to get reports? Thank you!


Next time you want to move a post just click the edit button.


I also did not get my e-mail from Duolingo. You can get the same info in the dashboard, but the e-mail is so much simpler.


Update: I got my weekly e-mail about 5 minutes after posting this. They just came late this week.


Mine, for some reason hasn't come the entire week.


Morning, I have not rec'd any report on Duolingo do not know if I am doing something wrong, my classes are on and my students registered


Hi, I haven't recibe duolingo weekly reports of my students since three weeks, please help me.

Hola, No he recibido los informes semanales de mis estudiantes desde hace tres semanas, por favor, ayúdenme.


I did not receive my Monday morning reports again. Who do I need to contact? Thank you.

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Just in case someone else comes across this in a search,

or a quick fix, you could visit your dashboard at schools.duolingo.com, go to the "Students" tab, click "More details", then "Activity details" and then filter the activity details table by "past week".

See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/13472085/Class-Progress-Reports

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