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κάποιος, κανείς, κάτι.. are they there somewhere?

Dear all, I've been refreshing my Greek with the beta course, have enjoyed it a lot, but suddenly found myself wondering if these indefinite pronouns (and adverbs) are represented anywhere. It could be that I tested out of them, I don't see them show up in my sentences πουθενά.. Am I missing something? Looking in the wrong place? If they're missing, add a skill? I hope it's my blindness to the obvious skill title.. Anyway, many thanks for all your work so far - including jaye's and others' lightning-fast responses to my questions and whining comments so far!

November 14, 2016



So, I did search the tree.... Indefinite Prounouns are definitely not a skill by itself. And I can't find them anywhere, so either they really aren't there, or we are both blind. ._. If no one else finds them, it would be a nice idea to add them to the 2nd tree.


hah, upvoting your comments; my own got downvoted for some reason - however, a bug in the system allows me to upvote my own comment. Awesome!

Anyway, thanks very much for taking a look and for your near-instantaneous responses as always!

The indefinites bring the extra issue of negation as well - just starting to struggle my way through that skill in Turkish, as it happens. Trying to remember if French Duolingo has a skill for ne...pas, rien, jamais - again, though, I might have bypassed it.


Oh, as for the French Duolingo, I can confirm that it has a skill for them. (I'm having a hard time remembering all of them, but I'm pretty sure they are there.xD)

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Scratching my head. We're searching and will let you know as soon as we find...or don't find them. thanks this is a very interesting issue. ;-)

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