"Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred"

Translation:Harminc, negyven, ötven, hatvan, hetven, nyolcvan, kilencven, száz

November 14, 2016

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I translated one hundred with egy száz and it was wrong. ??? And the correct answer is száz. (hundred)


The exact translation of "one hundred" is "száz". Likewise, the exact translation of "one thousand" is "ezer". You only add "egy" for special emphasis, that is, rarely. Then it will be "egyszáz", "egyezer".
With "one million" though, "egy" comes in: "egymillió".
When one hundred is part of a larger number, like 2100, it is more acceptable to use "egyszáz".
2100 - kétezer-(egy)száz. Logically it is 2000 + 100.
When one thousand is part of a larger number, like 21000, you usually use "egyezer".
21000 - huszonegyezer. Because logically it is 21 * 1000.


Egyszáz should be accepted (definitely not egy száz, though.) Száz is a lot more frequent than egyszáz, though.


i think i wrote every number in the right way. it gives me wrong... more than once

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