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  5. "Er nimmt die Hände."


"Er nimmt die Hände."

February 12, 2013



What does this really mean?


It could mean anything (the English at least).

  • A serial killer always chops off his victims' hands for his collection. "He takes the hands. He leaves the bodies, but he always takes the hands".
  • As part of a sentence in a book, a man could take his fiancee's hands in his. "He takes the hands of his soon to be wife in his, and blah blah blah..."
  • He could be a clock repairman? A clock has hands. "He takes the hands off the clock so as to remove the face plate."

Admittedly it is an oddly worded phrase. It's not something you'll encounter everyday. You'd sooner see "He takes her hand" or "he took her hand"...either litterally he physically grabs and holds her hand, or as a shortnened expression "to take someone's hand in marriage". Hope that helps a little!


i wrote he takes the punches and it was wrong even if the word hints included punches as a translation... pfff :( it would have made a bit more sense to say punches


*Not a native speaker. I don't think Duo is right with "punches". Take a punch = einen Schlag nehmen. Er nehmt die Schläge.

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