"You are resting here, and the poor Brazilian girls are waiting there."

Translation:Ti itt pihentek, és a szegény brazil lányok ott várnak.

November 14, 2016



What makes you plural as the only correct solution?

November 14, 2016


I tried: "Itt pihensz, a szegény brazil lányok pedig ott várnak". Could anybody show my mistake(s)?

January 23, 2017


I think they are looking for very parallel translations, without abbreviations at this point.

It is driving me crazy that I can't translate informally, the way people speak or I am counted incorrect and have to do the lesson over because it doesn't turn gold. This really slows the learning, in a way. I am a native Hungarian who left as a child so my goal here is correct writing not syntax, which comes pretty naturally.

November 3, 2017


I used 'meg' instead of 'es' and it did not like that either

June 30, 2017


yeah I thought you would use meg in this situation and that és was more for listing things. is this wrong/

July 31, 2017


Ti itt pihentek, a szegény brazil lányok pedig ott várnak.

Can anyone see a problem with this?

July 1, 2017


"Ti itt pihentek, és a szegény brazil lányok ott várnak." Is the duo answer. You didn't include the conjunction "és"

November 3, 2017
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