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  5. "It is too expensive."

"It is too expensive."

Translation:Mae e'n rhy ddrud.

November 14, 2016



I got this as a mult-choice, and the Translation above ("Mae'n rhy ddrud") was not among the 3 choices. Instead, it gave "Mae o'n rhy gostus". I don't recall learning "gostus" as a synonym for "drud"--please confirm?


costus and drud both mean 'expensive, costly'.

www.gweiadur.com is a good place to check things like that. Registration is free.


Thanks! I was more concerned that the Translation offered a sentence that was never available among the choices. It ought to be there, I think.


It was there, but in amongst a number of other alternatives, so that it didn't come up very often. Now simplified.

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