"¿Qué bebes?"

Translation:What do you drink?

February 12, 2013



Is this question asking what you drink usually or offering you a drink? And could it be taken literally as 'What drinks?'

February 12, 2013


Remember "bebes" is "you drink". It's not plural.

April 20, 2014


It can't be "What drinks?" It can be interpreted as both what you usually drink and what you're drinking right now.

February 12, 2013


why can't it be 'what drinks'? How would you say that? i.e. what drinks will you have? (I guess I should have known by using bebes, it should have been what do you drink, because a statement would be tu bebes?) Questions are tricky for me to master!!

February 28, 2013


No, a drink in spanish is "una bebida". So "what drinks?" would be "qué bebidas?" (i'm not sure of that) or even "cual es tu bebida?"

May 28, 2013


is it just the audio or do spanish speakers pronounce 'bebes' as 'vaves'?

July 2, 2015


It does sound like the "b's" are pronounced like "v's". Is the "v" pronunciation correct?

October 7, 2015


@wm5646, Aeronautix Pstbukkie

'B's sound very similar to 'V's en Español. The pronunciation here is correct. Depending where you go, 'bebes' could have a stronger 'B' sound and sound like 'Bey • bez'/'Bebes', a more pronounced 'V' sound and be closer to 'Vey • vez'/'Veves' or be more of a combination of a 'B' a 'V' (if that makes sense).

Here are a series of pronunciations of the word 'bebé; baby' from Forvo.com. Forvo; Vive

It's not the same word, but you can hear different pronunciations of the Spanish 'B' sound from a couple different Spanish speaking countries.

Similarly, here is a couple pronunciations for the word 'vive; he/she/it lives'.
Forvo; Vive

Just click on the '' to hear the pronunciations!

Hope this helps! :)

March 14, 2016


Same here Fri, 29 Jan 2016

January 29, 2016


Would this be used to say "What would you like/want to drink?" and "What are you drinking?" because "What do you drink?" doesn't make sense to me

July 28, 2013


Does this imply informal as you used bebes. Can you also say Qué bebe implying Usted?

November 25, 2013


Jack_Charlton, yes

January 6, 2014


pingshaya, no. what would you like to drink is Que le gustaria to mar

January 6, 2014


how come hacer or sus or tu arent used ?

May 27, 2013


the conjugated "bebes" replaces the need for tú

July 28, 2013


In English, you could say "what're ya drinkin'. Direct translation is more or less irrelevant in terms of communication.

September 13, 2015


i think it means what do you drink as in offering so in other ways you are right.

October 9, 2015



October 21, 2015



October 21, 2015


Why is it bebes amd not bebe since your saying drink and not drinks

January 1, 2016


It is 'bebes' because you are saying 'What do you drink?'.

If the sentence were 'What does he drink?'¹ or 'What do they drink?'² the translations would be '¿Qué beb + e? (el bebe) '¹ or '¿Qué beb + en? (ellos/ellas beben) '² ¿Comprendé amigo?

Remember that the subject of the sentence affects the verb conjugation!

Hope this helps :)

March 14, 2016


It sounds like he's pronouncing a v instead of a b

September 16, 2016


This is confusing to me. How does 'what do you drink' fit into just two words?

November 22, 2016


Bebes. What a strange word.

March 23, 2017


I must be tired because I wrote "what babies?" lol

June 13, 2018
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