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"Ai đã khám phá học lượng tử?"

Translation:Who discovered quantum mechanics?

November 14, 2016



I find it strange but awesome that this course teaches us things like Quantum Mechanics!


Maybe it's a hot topic in Vietnam


Everything is a "hot" topic in Vietnam, especially in summer!


Cơ học

A Vietnamese-original Sino-Vietnamese compound, from:

  • 機 ‘machine; mechanism’ (among other things)

Mandarin: jī

Cantonese: gēi

Sixian Hakka: kî

  • 學 ‘study’

Mandarin: xué

Cantonese: hohk

Sixian Hakka: ho̍k

Lượng tử

Originally a Japanese-originated Sino-Japanese compound, originally pronounced ryóushi: 量子

Mandarin: liángzǐ

Cantonese: leuhngjí

Sixian Hakka: liòng chṳ́


Albert Einstein


He played a role, but you cannot say that any single person discovered quantum mechanics.


I believe that over 90% of Vietnamese learners rarely if ever use this word in their native tongue. It bugs me when they teach such words when there are numerous more useful words that should be taught.


I realize it is a section on science. I'd skip it except it is required in order to move on in the course. Too many words I will never use in Vietnamese.

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