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  5. "два куска торта"

"два куска торта"

Translation:two pieces of cake

November 14, 2016



Two questions: Would you use кусок about something you wouldn't put in your mouth? "дай два куска камня"?

If it's only for stuff you might put in your mouth, does it actually suggest the size of a comfortable mouth-full, like English "bite"? Thanks!


1) Yes. "кусок камня" sounds fine if the rock was quite large and you broke it into several pieces, so each of them is "кусок". One intact rock is just "камень".

2) No. E.g., "кусок пирога" can be a sector of the whole circle of the pie and can be pretty big.


I do not know about English, but in Russian we use a phrase "a piece of shit". As you see "кусок" is not what you put in a mouth only.


почему здесь нет артикля перед словом торта?


it's an abstract concept, the zero article

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