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Fluency Score

We received a bunch of questions about Fluency Score, so we figured it was worth another post! Thanks to GermanSoy, hughcparker, daughterofAlbion, WildSage, Sammoreland, and many others who asked questions and provided follow ups about Fluency Scores in our Ask Duolingo series.

Read about Fluency Score in our help section HERE.

Read our previous Forum post about Fluency Score HERE.

Here are some fast facts:

  1. Fluency Score is our estimate of your fluency in the language you're learning. Our goal is to provide as close to an accurate assessment of real-world language ability as possible, so finishing your tree won't get you to 100%.

  2. With Duolingo alone, you can achieve a fluency as high as 50-60%.

  3. Your Fluency Score will increase over time as you learn more words and strengthen your skills, but it will decrease if you don't keep up your strength.

  4. Fluency Scores are currently only available for those of you learning Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

  5. We are currently working on new systems that will let us more closely monitor the alignment of our courses with CEFR levels.

What does my Fluency Score mean?

Fluency measures your mastery of the vocabulary and grammar of a language and your ability to understand and produce the language.

What is it based on?

Duolingo estimates your fluency based on your progress through the skill tree and the accuracy of your answers. Because learning a language requires repetition, we also take into account how regularly you practice. Without continued practice, your fluency score will decline, based on our model of how the human brain forgets over time.

I finished the tree! Why is my score so low?

With Duolingo, you can achieve a fluency as high as 50-60%, which is equivalent to Advanced proficiency. Our goal is for this estimate to be as accurate as possible, so finishing your tree won't get you to 100%. We're constantly working to improve how much Duolingo can teach you, and we hope that providing this insight into your progress will be both informative and encouraging. Seeking out native speakers to supplement your Duolingo learning is a great way to up your fluency, too!

Wait, what Fluency Score? I see nothing.

Ah, you must be learning a language outside of Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Unfortunately Fluency Scores are not yet available outside of the languages listed above. But we are working on it, along with a new system that will let us more closely monitor the alignment of our courses with CEFR levels.

Will you share the exact algorithm?

The boss says no. But we can tell you that it is calculated based on:

-what words you know

-how important those words are

-how well you know them

-how likely you are to forget them

Your Fluency Score will increase over time as you learn more words and strengthen your skills, but it will decrease if you don't keep up your strength.

November 15, 2016



"With Duolingo, you can achieve a fluency as high as 50-60%, which is equivalent to Advanced proficiency."

Sorry mate, but that's hilarious!

I have finished several trees here and just when I finished them the fluency score showed 60-65% in most of them (and 74% in one of them).

It is clear that my "real" level at that time, was NOT higher than A2 in any of those languages. So "Advanced Proficiency" (when you reach 60-65%) is just a dream, not reality.

An A2 level would be closer to the truth in my opinion.

By the way, those online CEFR tests don't work either, because I usually get C1 in Itailan and French (for example) and I hardly can converse in those languages just yet.


Sorry mate, but that's hilarious!

Agree, agree, agree.

A2 is pretty accurate, and the spoken score might be even lower, since (real) speaking isn't really taught or tested on Duolingo.

Greetings from someone who is actually C1 and C2 proficient in a couple of L2 languages, and has finished seven trees here.


Yeah, speaking is the real problem here. I can read (adult) books comfortably in French, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, English....and with quite an effort in German and Esperanto.

Duolingo is a great method to start a new language from scratch and after few months you (or at least some people) are able to start reading books and that's great of course (it is a great pleasure for me to be able to read all these books in these languages, taking into account that 13 months ago I couldn't even read one sentence in most of these languages).

But speaking is a different animal. Unless you actually start trying to talk to people, on a daily basis, you'll never be able to speak fluently.


Yes to all of this as well!

There's nothing like Duolingo to get you kickstarted in a language. And for someone like me, who doesn't care much about speaking, it's freaking brilliant.

But saying it gives anyone any kind of fluency is just wrong.


Could you suggest a French book that is well-written, rather recent, and worth a read? I thought of trying translations. A great service would be to include them with the ability to click meanings. I learn from context better than French today tho that's useful to see patterns and exceptions. Any book suggestions? Nothing shocking but something well done?


I was at 54% fluent in Português and I still haven’t had a conversation yet because I can’t understand people when they speak. I’ve been to Brasil 14 times also so the percentage of fluency doesn’t mean much at times.


This purely speculation so feel free to down-vote this if you want to. I think the problem with the fluency score is that it only measures words and not sentences. Duolingo's sentences continue to be very short even in the lower parts of the tree. I am talking about trees like German or Spanish here, not about Norwegian, which of course does not even have a fluency score. If Norwegian or Swedish had a fluency score, it should be higher than that of German for instance. But since only the competence of remembering words is measured, you would reach just as high a fluency score in German and in Norwegian, even though the Norwegian tree teaches more complex sentence structures. It is possible I have misunderstood something here and I am willing to admit that I am wrong should someone provide the necessary evidence. :)


Yeah, if it is just based on words then a count (of words in long term memory) would be more useful. It's how many people think about language learning. 'Oh yeah, I know 2000 Russian words' etc. I am not saying it is the best way to think about language learning, but it gives a rough idea of where you are on your language learning journey, it's transparent, and it's easy to understand what you have to do to improve it.


...and it's something Duolingo can actually measure based on your activity here. As opposed to, you know, your fluency.


Since starting French in spring and Spanish in summer, I stumble now in native langage English to find words...as if my brain were not sure what source to draw from. I recognize French and Spanish words but my spelling and grammar are plunges into patterns and not something I can sort out naturally and reproduce when needed. I feel tired after a long practice session. Imagine the fatigue of living in foreign country with a low proficiency of 67!!!


Quite frankly, you should just scrap this fluency meter. It's useless at best and misleading for some people and you know it.


I agree with you that the name should be scrapped, but think that a scoring system is very useful when the goal is to Gamify language learning. So - come on everyone - what would everyone on here recommend for a replacement term?


This will never align in any way with CEFR as long as you produce decontextualised sentences and fail to explain the normal way of expressing something in the context of everyday social interaction rather than word by word 'translation'. Nor will it represent any kind of fluency - certainly not whilst the program's command of both languages is so poor. For example, if you happen to be Dutch looking at the English course, you will be told that 'Please stop' is a legitimate translation of 'Hou alsjeblieft op!' but not 'Stop, please'.


I think a useful and simple measure would be percentage gilded/ percentage complete. A simple fraction would be easy to display and easy to understand. The top would go down but the bottom would only go up. It could be plotted over time if they wanted to show learning stats. They could call it Course Mastery or something similiar and it would be much less ridiculous than a measure that goes down as your fluency goes up. which it often does as you complete the tree and use other resources.


Like it. Good recommendations. I did hear a podcast with the founder maybe a year ago, who said that the business model moving forward would be related to enable cheaper than market cost price of English language certification. I wonder if that is the reason they are sticking with the term "fluency".


I don't understand why you mentioned me then ignored my question entirely.


Very happy to hear this:

We are currently working on new systems that will let us more closely monitor the alignment of our courses with CEFR levels.

What would be great, is if instead of a % against some nebulous concept of fluency, you showed an estimated % against A1, A2, B1 etc.

Then I have a target I can actually achieve! Estimated 100% against A1 and 15% against A2, would be a smaller and more motivating goal.

Also personal diagnostics of my score would be useful - so it tells you to do more web and less app, use hints less, improve spelling, or work on your past tense, etc... What is it specifically I should concentrate on to raise my score? What action should I take?


This is a good point - there are many free online tests that can give a rough rating compared to CEFR. This might be one way to do it. Otherwise, you can simply go away and do one of these tests online for free to double check. For example, I am currently at 61% fluent on Duolingo in French, but in reality that doesn't mean very much, and this vastly overrates my real situation. I am from England, live in Paris, have passed the A2 level via DELF, and am currently studying for the B1 level. I would say that A1 is very simple, A2 much harder, and so on - IMO there is exponential improvement from A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 and for that reason I would not put myself as "fluent" anywhere above 30% at the very most. For example, I know that you can post your Duolingo fluency scores to LinkedIn, but I am adverse to doing this as this would overpromise what I can deliver. Interesting conersation - would be intrigued to hear more of Duolingo's vision of this.


And under-promise. Once you have a good functioning knowledge of the language you are not going to be practising it on here every day. Do you want a 3% score displayed?


Not 100% sure but I think it doesn't change once you've added it to Linkedin. Also it doesn't show the %, just says "intermediate" etc. You can always remove it from LI as well. And it doesn't go down that fast anyway. My French is down to 11% but that's after ~2 years of not touching it.


Can you, though? People have struggled to unlink Duo from Facebook.


Yes, you can remove any qualifications from LinkedIn. I accidentally added mine twice and removed one. If you want to be sure, you can make a fake test account and try it first :)

You can unlink stuff from Facebook by going to settings > apps and find the app you want to revoke permissions from.


That's a great idea! Those A, B, C levels are more international and give a better idea of how fluent someone is, rather than this "nebulous concept of fluency" as you called it. Or maybe it should show both? I think it's also good to know in percentage roughly how far one has come. How about this: percentage about how far one is with the lessons, but A, B, C levels for fluency?


All good points.

But one of the most frustrating things is the perpetual instistance by Duo that you can achieve fluency between 50% and 60%. Everybody knows that you can get over 60%. I'm at 63% on Spanish, and just hit 70% on the upside down English Tree.

I assume I can get it even higher than 70%, because I still make a ton of mistakes, and don't even have my whole tree gold.

I've seen claims of scores in the 70's, and have always been skeptical. But I just hit 70%, so I know for a fact that it is possible.

As far as the notion that 50% or 60% or 70% is misleading, I'm not sure I agree. Even 70% is bad, if you're talking about mistake free communication. I'd say that it implies you make mistakes in about 1 out of 3 sentences. But it's enough to get by. It's enough to communicate your ideas. If you were stranded on a desert island with someone who only spoke that language, you would be able to talk to each other. It doesn't mean it would be eloquent.

Also, anybody who has gotten up the the high 50's on the app, or high 60's on the website, knows that the higher you get, the slower you are able to raise your score. It might have only taken 150 to hours or whatever to get to 50%. But it might take another 100 hours to get from 50 to 60. And 100 more to get from 60 to 70. And 1,000 hours to get from 70 to 80. And another 2,500 to get from 80 to 90. If that makes sense.

It's like an instrument. It doesn't take long to learn some chords. Maybe some scales. Play some basic songs. And you can claim that you play an instrument. But it takes thousands and thousands of hours to go from intermediate to advanced.

Getting to minimal fluency, 50% to 60%, can be done in months. But 90% fluency would take many years. The better you get, the harder it is to get better.

Think about it this way. If a native English speaker has a 4 year degree in English, then they are very competent in English. But a Master's Degree would make them even more competent. The difference would be minimal on a scale of fluency %. You might be talking about going from 89% English Fluency to 91% English Fluency. But it would take 8 hours a day for 2 years.

A PhD in English might make you 93% fluent (There's no such thing as 100%. Even PhD professors have different levels of competency.) But that would be another 2 years of your life.

I would guess that going from a 63% Duo score to say 80%, which is probably comensurate with a native speaker, could take 5 years.

So the mistake people are making is thinking that 60% is good. It's not. It's pretty terrible actually. But it's adequate for basic communication, and probably constitutes minimum A1 to A2 fluency.


This makes sense finally.


Still haven't tackled how it's possible to finish and gild a tree and have a fluency score of 13%...

Also, I'm afraid I have to agree with others that suggesting one can be 50-60% towards fluency from the tree alone is laughable.


I have a similar question about the relationship between full gilding and "fluency" score. My Spanish fluency dropped in a day from somewhere in the high 50s to 44. Before, during and after that drop, and in a period where my French score hovered at 57 or 58, I have kept my Spanish and French trees gilded with daily practice (miss a day every month or two), often doing some practice lessons beyond what it takes to stay gold. I don't miss often nor do I peek at words (except inadvertently if I bump the trackpad). Not sure why my scores are so different in two languages in which I follow the same strategy, nor why either score would have fallen since this metric has been implemented. I can't connect up what DuoLingo is saying about the calculation of this score, which I might call vocabulary strength, with my use of the lessons.


I miss the fluency score. Since I updated Duolingo on my laptop, only my "crown level" is shown, and I do not like the crown levels. I much preferred the XP and fluency percentage offered. I had completed my entire tree in Spanish, and now it is as if all progress has been lost. I am mourning the loss of my favorite academic foreign language resource.


My fluency shield just disappeared within the last couple of days. I could never see it on the mobile app, but now it isn't even showing on the desktop page. And I am learning German.


It does not seem that fluency scores are limited to Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and English, as I have one for Danish.


And I have one for Polish.

[deactivated user]

    Thank you! I have been wondering why I have not even got 1% fluency on my Russian yet I have managed to complete several different subjects and after almost every lesson on those subjects I do a strengthening lesson so that I can remember how to phrase some sentences and remember the words. I am not aiming for fluency, but rather just some words to help me to understand some bits of it to understand parts of what some peope are saying. One question - what is CEFR?


    When will the share Fluency Score/Level with LinkedIn be restored?


    I'm learning Italian and I don't see it.


    I am learning Spanish and I still can't find my Fluency Score...


    Duolingo doesn’t have the fluency score anymore


    I was learning French a little while ago and I was so happy when my fluency shield said 13%. Now I miss it for Spanish because it's nice to know how fluent duolingo thinks i am even if it's not real life. The fluency score definitley spurred me on to learn more but the crown level is disappointing. I don't care what levels i am on for the topics, I care what my fluency is.


    Oui. I was at 54% fluent in Portuguêse but can’t understand spoken words, read or converse yet. I translate everything. I need to learn how to understand without translating. I enjoyed the fluency rating too. I tried to improve it. The new rating system doesn’t mean as much.


    Duolingo has made so many changes that they probably don't want to make any more crown or fluency changes for a while. But, playing with ideas in my mind, I have thought that maybe they could have a "fluency score" based upon the percentage of words from the Duolingo course that we have learned. If we've completed 75% of the Spanish class, then we have 75% Duolingo fluency. Or, if we have learned the words and grammar necessary to get a Level 5,4,3,2, or 1 in German or Japanese, let us know were we stand reference those tests. "Having completed Level 25 in Duolingo German (Crown Level thus and so), we feel that if you take the German whatever test, you have a good change of passing the Level 4, or whatever, exam."


    Another site had a feature that I think would be useful to add to the fluency estimate Duolingo has. It recognized that I was doing new material without having to "learn" it from that site and prompted me to "test" my existing knowledge. I think the fluency estimates would be much more accurate if Duolingo periodically tested to see what practice the users are getting outside Duolingo.


    uh, Danish is not listed above, but I still get a fluency score on that, in fact, I'm in the early twenties.


    I am new to duoLingo and to the Italian language. Since beginning my linguistic journey 18 days ago, I have not missed a day and often exceed the recommended number of activities.My fluency quickly went up to 5% but has since dropped to 4% despite my diligence. I cannot seem to get it back up again. What else do I need to do?


    Word to the wise - the fluency percentage is decidedly buggy and often doesn't really seem to relate to how much you've done and how well you know what you've studied. My best advice is not to worry about it.


    Now that I've seen evidences of those bugs, I agree with you.


    I found that my fluency score started going up when I stopped peaking at words I didn't know and while still learning new material, making sure that I kept everything in gold. Duo seems to note when you make too many mistakes in whatever area (adjectives eg) and changes the colour from gold so that you have to redo that lesson..



    I am deaf, my English is my first language plus Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

    I have been studying my second language in German FULL-TIME with German Duolingo, using ''reading and writing' EXPECT 'speak or hear'. (from 2/1/2016 to 12/3/2017) then revision every day/night)

    I have completed German Duolingo, my fluent was 50% on 12/3/2017 then re-vision daily, my fluency is 62%.

    I have no problems with fluency score as German words are still powerful than English words.

    Practice makes perfect!


    I've found that the fluency scores are really useful WITHIN a language. Hard work filling the tree (using the website and not just the phone app) and increased accuracy at answering questions, really pays off. There's a substantial time lag, but progressing month by month from single digits up to the 50s is both meaningful and satisfying.

    However, comparing fluency ACROSS languages just doesn't work. I've finished four trees. My Italian is WAY better than my Spanish, which is WAY better than my fractured French, which is WAY better than my garbled German. I consistently get 90% on the timed Italian lessons (without peeking), and close to that in Spanish, while I make lots of mistakes in French, even with the clock turned off, and have to turn peek at a bunch of answers to get through a German lesson. I can converse in Italian and Spanish, I can ask for directions in French and understand the answer, but just buying a loaf of bread in German would be a challenge. Yet DL claims that my most fluent language is French, followed by German!

    Bottom line: I hope that DL keeps the fluency scores, and extends them to more languages over time. But it would be nicer if the standards were consistent across languages.


    Does anyone know when duolingo will create the fluency scores for other languages?


    I had fluency and i am learning Spanish. But now i also have crown levels. But my fluency's aren't there anymore. Where did they go?


    I am studying French but I can’t find my fluency score. How do I get to it?


    Well, welll... Didn't have that one in a long time here. I suggest searching this topic for "can't see", "can't find" or maybe "my fluency score". Several people have asked the same question and many replied to that problem already.


    or just tell someone straight away that Fluency scores have been withdrawn and no longer feature within DuoLingo, perhaps?


    This happened many months ago already. I don't understand why people still complain about that or are asking where their fluency score is and keep writing here about that.


    Has this feature been removed? I’m studying German, but I can’t seem to find my score.


    It has been replaced by crown levels.


    Im learning spanish but i dont have a fluency score


    The feature was withdrawn.


    Who marked Julian.Webb's reply with a -1?! It was true and straight and short.

    I was wondering the other day about new posts here/questions regarding the fluency score. We didn't have those in a long time, but it has been many months already that the fluency score was taken away as a feature here, as Julian.Webb already wrote. I don't quite understand why people still keep writing and complaining and wondering about the "missing" fluency score after that much time that it has been gone already.


    is it esay to get 50 marks in duo lingo test?


    It depends on the person, as well as how well prepared and focused that person is!


    Oh wow I am like 40 percent through spanish


    This fluency score seems like a great help to language learners. Remember, though, that no matter how many words you know, you will never be fluent until you are immersed in the culture some way. It can really help to take long trips to the countries which speak the language you're learning.


    I’ve been studying Portuguese for 6 years now and I’ve visited Brasil 17 times. I also practice every day with my girlfriend who only speaks Portuguese and have for 3 years now but I still can’t understand what people are saying and I have to translate almost everything into English to understand. It’s been very frustrating. I usually go to Brasil for a month at a time. My ex girlfriend of 4 years in Brasil only spoke English with me because I didn’t understand her when she spoke Portuguese. It didn’t help going to Brasil and speaking English!


    We should just remove it completely. It's a fake sense of gratification.


    Someone told me that they got 72%. Is that possible? Thank you!!


    I am doing Spanish but have no fluency score show up. Why is this and how can I see it?


    Your score is currently 4% in Spanish.

    I'm learning Portuguese from scratch and make 100 XP a day. I saw once a 2% fluency score but most of the time the score doesn't show. Despite this, I know it's less than 1%, due to bugs in the algorithm.

    In English my score was above 73% (73.4) and I suddenly lost 1% to 72.4 without any reason. Now I give up English as my goal was to reach 74% but if the rules are not fair then why would I persist ?


    Don't have any fluency shields. Did they disappear?


    Your Fluency ration in Hebrew is reset to 0. Maybe it's not available with all languages. The shield doesn't show if you get less than 1%.


    Hebrew doesn't have a fluency shield. I should have one for some other languages tho, but I don't and the German one just disappeared...


    Hi, thanks for posting on my stream. I see it in notifications but I'm not sure where it is. Could you point me in the right direction to access "my stream"? Sorry, new user.


    To see your stream you'll have to logon on the website ( I don't think you can see it with a mobile app ). On the upper blue strip, click on the down arrow near the icon of your avatar and select Your profile. If you are lucky your stream should appear under the abstract of your profile (Picture, Name, Location). If it doesn't show, then you may be part of those who don't have access to the Activity Tab. But there is a workaround for that. Just logout and look at your page again, which is www.duolingo.com/kHXa3


    Yes, I think I am one of the unlucky! Thanks for your help!


    You're welcome ;-)


    I am on level 7, my fluency went up to 6% then dropped to 2% and doesn't move. Also I can't do all the lessons until I am tested out on them all, which I haven't had because they were locked, and then I can redo them? Driving me nuts!


    does the fluency score also decrease more quickly if you use Duolingo from the app and not the website?


    I'm certain that it does. After six months, I had a score of 59% and then used my phone app while travelling. I couldn't always hear what was being said so I made a lot of mistakes. I dropped 10% in one day! A week and many hours of diligent and accurate work later the 49% remains! So discouraging.


    Okay. I make mistakes. But I have EVERY skill full strength, practice between 50-200 points daily, have used DL for 60+ days in a row, and pick up new vocab each day. Something seems very wrong here.


    37% fluent" is not something I would like to share on my LinkedIn profile ;) And I have finished what I you call the 'tree'. I still love Duolingo and I will keep up the practice. However, it would be great if you could have some kind of "advanced proficiency" badge for those who complete the tree, and perhaps keep it that way for a certain amount of time?


    So... will we ever be able to get our fluency to 100%? I'm not sure about other people but I feel a real sense of accomplishment when that score goes up, even if it's just by a single point.


    "So... will we ever be able to get our fluency to 100%?" No. That's the whole point of this topic and what many people here have been writing about. You can'ge get 100 % fluency. Read before writing.


    I think you misunderstand. I got that you can't get 100% I only meant is this set in stone or could it change in the future? I've been here for awhile and the German course seems to have grown from where it was when I first signed up. Immersion was also a feature when I had signed on for the first time so not everything about the site has stayed.


    I read "ever" as the way it is now. To which the answer is no. Will that change in the future? You answered your own question: "not everything about the site has stayed". So there may come a time when this will change. Personally, I don't think it makes much sense to change this particular aspect of the fluency score to be able to have 100 %. But I'm just another user, not creator, admin, mod or anything on duolingo with the power to change anything on how duolingo works or is run.


    Also it appears the fluency score does not appear until you reach at least 1%, I was puzzled by the talk of fluency when I started because I could not see it and other people could. Once I got far enough it appeared. It actually disappeared when some skills were lowered with time and reappeared when I strengthened them.


    I am learning french and I can't see my fluency score


    I didnt know this existed, until once it popped up, you are now 1% fluent in French. Wow i was so happy


    I am learning Spanish but don't get a fluency score but my partner started when I did and he gets one. How can I set it up?


    This question has come up before in this conversation. The first 1 % doesn't show up until you've done a certain amount of lessons. Just keep doing more and more lessons and keep them all in the green. It'll come.


    Thanks for your help. It actually came up a few hours after I posted the question.


    Anyway you can reset my fluency score to what it was when I started? My microphone does not work, and I did not know to turn off the microphone on duolingo so my fluency has continued to go down from the original 42 percent I think and is now at 11, because I skip all the spoken phrases since no microphone.


    First off, no offense, but why not start a topic of your own asking that specific question instead of making this long topic longer? Maybe someone else has the same question. Hard to find the answer here with all the replies. Never mind...

    You want just all the speaking exercises out, because your mic doesn't work or reset the whole progress?

    Speaking exercises out: Go on duolingo on your computer, this may not work on your phone, if you access it that way. On the top right corner is your name. Click on it, it opens a drop-down menu. Go to settings (third from the top). You'll reach the account settings page. First comes your user name, your e-mail and then microphone. Just set that on off.

    Resetting your progress: Go on duolingo on your computer, this may not work on your phone, if you access it that way. On the top right corner is your name. Click on it, it opens a drop-down menu. Go to settings (third from the top). You'll reach the account settings page. On the right side you'll find a menu now. First is "account", is where you are now. Go to the second "Learning language". First comes "Learning language" and you can choose a language. Then "see all languages", then a link with "Reset or remove languages". Click on that link. It'll get you to a page which lists all the languages you ever selected on "Learning language:". You have two options: a) reset progress or b) remove. Obviously, if you just want to start fresh, just reset it. If you decide not to learn that language anymore at all, cklick "remove".


    Where do we find our fluency?


    I am learning Spanish, but there is no fluency score there, at all, any ideas?


    It must be that the phone app version and the online version of Duo calculate fluency somewhat independently, right? I have different a different Spanish fluency score reported on the app than in my web browser.


    If we ever get online events, could it be possible for us to increase our fluency through them?


    Online events?


    So! How's the fluency score working with the languages other than the originals?


    So technically, can a user achieve 100% fluency ? I mean, besides completed skill tree, a user can strengthen his skill using "strenghen skills" feature. Because, from my experience when i completed a skill tree, my fluency scores is not 50-60% but 79%.



    When you finish a tree for the first time, your fluency score will probably be low - even lower than 50%, and that's fairly accurate - the fact that you just finished the last test about some obscure tense or narrow topic doesn't mean that you really remember all the exercises you did a month ago on the other topics in the tree. Making the entire tree gold is harder and probably means that you really remember much of everything, and will earn you a higher score, around 60%-70%. But still, making a skill gold just means you were able to eventually answer every question. It doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. And this is what (if I understand correctly) can continue to increase your fluency score - if you repeat the exercises and start making fewer and fewer mistakes. At some point, you stop making embarrassing spelling mistakes, you stop mixing up the noun genders, or getting the word order randomly right or wrong or mishearing what the computer speaks out quickly to you. At some point you stop blacking out on what a word means and needing to use the word hints. When you stop making these mistakes, you really become more fluent in the language, and your fluency score will increase. Probably not to 100% (nobody's perfect!).


    no, 100% fluency is not attainable


    Longer trees such as German can get a higher score, but it's not possible to get to 100% on any. Even Duolingo aren't delusional enough to claim you can become 100% just from their courses!


    True. I only have three DL languages to compare, but it seems to me that testing out of skills may have you end up with a lower fluency percentage than completing each of them lesson by lesson. Intuitively, being able to test out seems to suggest higher real fluency. Keeping a tree gold for a year or more doesn't seem to have changed the fluency percentage much (except at times when I think Duolingo was probably changing the fluency algorithm since all of my language scores changed).


    pshh whatever, i scored a 68% in french that's almost a "C" irl and that ain't not bad :P besides, it's just an app that's supposed to help you with just the basics of a language. i wasnt expecting to become fluent just by using this app alone. it shouldn't be taken so seriously. also, i dont think there's anything wrong with the fluency score. it works fine, i think there's definitely something to it though.


    Wow so I am as fluent Duolingo-level as I can possibly be! Congrats to me


    Can you make irish compatable for the fluency score


    I'm only a little over half way through my tree and already have hit 61% fluency in German... I thought the limit was 50-60%? My percentage has been increasing at a regular rate as I progress through the lessons, so if the past is any indication of the future I'd expect it to keep on going. Did the algorithm change?


    I'm kind of wondering that myself. Quite a while ago I finished the German tree. I put a lot of effort into reinforcing it, even though all the skills were at full strength. I never got above 49%. I recently finished the Spanish tree and came back to the German tree. I still don't have everything gold again, but now I'm up to 67% fluency. I can only assume they changed the algorithm somehow.


    What's the maximum you can get?


    Why can’t see my Fluency Score on the mobile app anymore?


    They removed the fluency scores when they stopped letting us use skills strength, moving everybody onto the crowns system which is about repetition rather than sustained mastery. The fluency score went with the degree of mastery system rather than the newer repetition/crowns system.


    I still can't find my fluency score


    how do i find out my fluency


    im learning spanish, but i dont see one


    Hello, Duolingo. All my courses are mentioned above, but I see no fluency score. I used to see it in my Spanish course when I first downloaded it month or a few months ago, but now I don't.

    Where is it?


    Hi, springtimechorus. DuoLingo has a new model now. DL used to give us several indicators of skill strength -- by vocabulary word, lesson and language. Fluency was the name they gave to the language level skill strength indicator. A couple of months ago, they went to a system that does not provide skills strength indicators but only number of repetitions, so you can't tell anymore when DL's algorithms think you need to review a particular topic to maintain fluency, but you can see how many times you have visited that topic until, I think, you hit a maximum count and that skill turns back gold. Once it is gold after approximately a billion repetitions of just a few sentences, it never stops being gold like it used to unless you kept reviewing it occasionally. I'm not sure I have checked to see what happens under this new system if you repeat a skill once it's already gold to know whether you get any additional repetition indicators.


    How do I see my fluency score?


    Hi, Kayamonster23. It’s no longer available. You can find other measures not reported in the app or on the website at https://duome.eu/yourusername . I hope you find something that gives you the progress indicator you’re looking for.


    Thank you so much, Cfholton! That link is great! Do you know what I have to do to be able to clearly see my 'golden Duo?' Duo is 'grayed out/' not clear.


    You can’t anymore I don’t think at least not on mobile


    So, if the Crown Levels replaced the fluency levels, where does that leave us learners in regard to CEFR levels? Is that yardstick abandoned? I would love to know where I stand in relation to CEFR standards... and not just in 6 languages ;).


    I am learning German and it still doesn't give me a score


    Yah, apparently, Duolingo used to have language proficiency scores based on, apparently, a different learning structure within the app (now it's repetition based but used to work differently). Duolingo switched gears, at least temporarily removing the proficiency tests and now focuses on providing only an English language test. They have performed their own research which indicates correlation between scores on their tests with scores on TOEFL iBT and IELTS (and, by extension, CEFR). For me, this is a strong enough correlation to make a test worthwhile for myself... but I don't need it in English. I need Duolingo to offer tests in other languages, as it seems you do, too.


    Just checking to see my level there is no longer a fluency score for iOS I think


    I wish Duolingo would add fluency back, it would be very interesting to know :/


    They said I was 60% fluent several years ago and I can’t even converse yet so I don’t think it means much.


    How to calculate the score ?


    The fluency score has been deactivated many months ago. I have no idea why people keep asking about it here or post about it. It's gone.


    I'm learning French and I can't find it, has it been taken away?


    Yes, the fluency score has been taken away 2 years ago already! Why do people keep asking about it still? See here for more information: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002237572-What-happened-to-the-Fluency-Score-

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