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  5. "Hol van az ön sála?"

"Hol van az ön sála?"

Translation:Where is your scarf?

November 15, 2016


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It has always tickled me that the old traditional spanish word for "scarf" is "chal" which is the phonetical twin of Hungarian "sál".

In fact it is exactly the same word for exactly the same thing.

Where I grew up it was very common for women to wear a chal in the early evening or at night. That practice has completely disappeared now.


The word originates from the Persian šāl and was derived by the English as shawl around 1800. From there is apparently spread throughout Europe. In Germany it's known as "Schal". :)

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Nagyon érdekes!!! :)


what are the possessive pronouns for 'Ön' and 'Önök'? they're not listed in the lesson.


You mean the pronouns "mine, yours," and so on, i.e. "enyém, tiéd..."?
That would be öné and önöké, respectively. Ön behaves pretty much like a regular noun, so you can just add at the end. :)


Why is the 'az' needed here? (Is this another of those things that is just weird to my English brain?)


Yes, that's a Hungarian specialty. :)

You usually need the definite article a when talking about owned objects in Hungarian. Why? Because those are definite objects, certain items you own.

  • my dog - a kutyám / az én kutyám
  • What is your name? - Mi a neved? / Mi a te neved?
  • I live in his house. - A házában lakom. / Az ő házában lakom.
  • Which one is yours? - Melyik a tied?


Thanks for the explanation :)


Bocsi: A házában lakom, Az ő házában lakom


Ah, köszönöm. Azt megjavítom. :)

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