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Problem with lessons

My lessons don't load, and lesson practice doesn't load the questions. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if/how they fixed it. Restarting my computer and logging out doesn't work. I also made another account because of this problem, but now I can't do lessons on that account either. I don't know if this is a glitch, or if it is my computer.

February 19, 2014



I've had this problem too--my computer was working slow and my lessons were having trouble loading--my way of making it go faster is to click on the downwards-pointing arrow next to my username and waiting ten seconds or so, and then i am able to move on to my next lesson.


I tried this,it didn't work though- But thanks for helping :)


If you do Duolingo on safari, you could need an update. That happend to me once. (very annoying!)


I have never really used Safari, but I am sure it is something to do with our computer. I'll ask my brother. Thanks for helping though!


Hi, I use Safari and I'm having a problem with continual log in prompts - I'm not able to access any of my lessons or change my settings or purchase heart refills. SUPER annoying. What kind of update do you mean? Thx!


This is my other account with this problem.


What type of internet connection do you have ? Are you using satellite internet perhaps ?


No, at least, not that I know of -.-


What operating system and browser do you use? I am having a similar problem when I use Chrome on my Windows 7 machine, but when I switch over to Firefox I don't have any problems at all. I haven't tried Internet Explorer yet, but I suspect it's a Chrome problem. I'm going to check now to see if it updated recently.


So I did a little internet research and one site (http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/duolingo.com.html) suggested this fix: "Browser Related Problems Force a full refresh for the site. This can be achieved by pressing CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your favourite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc.)" That worked for me, so you might want to try it.


I think it could be our computer. My brother updated it to Windows 7, and ever since it hasn't worked. I may have to interrogate him :D It works on my Mom's laptop, but not on this computer. But thanks for helping!


I use Windows 7 and use Chrome. Internet Explorer doesn't load for me, and we don't have Firefox installed.


I have a promblem too , i can t learn german , all the other leanguages work , except for german. Can anyone help me? I can t figure out what s worng ...


I have the same problem with IE. I find it works well with Firefox. I use that on my Windows 8 desktop and on my tablet. On IE the program itself loads and I can see my progress but I can't download the lessons. No such problem on Firefox so far.


I was merrily going along when my Spanish program changed to a variation of German. I've tried every way to get my Spanish program back. I certainly don't want to do the beginnig levels again. HELP


Unless you have fixed the problem, you may have to restart, but take a placement test instead? Even if you start a bit behind from where you were before, it would at least show you what words you haven't gripped onto yet.


Found out that it was because the computer account I was using for it, had limited access. I can use the site on this account, but can't do any lessons with it. I have to use the app, or use a full access account, to do lessons.


I have a somewhat similar problem in that I am stuck for over a week now at 'Adverbs" even tho I have done all the exercises several times with full hearts . I should be much farther on by now but my tests seem not be be counted or registered. I tried twice to contact them and report the problem but , so far, nothing has been done. Is it a free app? I forget..was wondering if I uninstalled and started again, would it work. Mine is an Apple mini ipad


I am having the same problem and it's driving me nuts. With adverbs but also possessives (in French). I've done the same lesson like five times, in a row and the system refuses to advance me.


The app is free for android, but not too sure about apple. It should be though, as it is meant to be free and open to anyone.


Thanks for helping....no joy so far 'tho


there is a problem with the spanish lesson9.9, on the sections where the correct answer is "my son is intellegent, no? there is no way to ad the comma or question mark so it keep saying the answer is not correct.


With multiple choice questions, Duolingo is kicking me out of my lesson, causing me to lose my streak and be unable to complete a lesson


I'm Zethu I've lost the work I've done with German I was at 43% and French I was 34% and with Spanish at 27% why when resetting the pass word in not accepted and there's always unknown problem. Please help. Please


I have reset my pw but every time I open my program it treats me as if I am not registered and takes me bs k to lesson 1. What can I do?

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