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Using "Stream" like a blog in any language

I would like to use my Stream for posting thoughts and impressions without being obliged to do it in any particular language. I have followers who learn different languages. Many of them would not understand anything if I post in French, the others would not understand German. I'd prefer to write in English.

Now I can post in French and German because I have these languages listed as studied. I have to switch to learning French if I wish to post in French and switch back to German to post in German. But my followers will still see both German and French posts, so why all this trouble with switching there and back again?

It would be also great to have an option to choose what should appear in my stream.

February 12, 2013



I agree! We'll remove the restriction today.


Wow, that was prompt! Thank you!


Hmm... I hope you've not forgotten about that.


This should now be fixed.

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