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Is anyone learning Polish? On BBC, you can learn Polish, Urdu, Punjabi, and many others. Any ideas?

February 12, 2013



Polish! Polish! Polish!


Polish please! Polish is wonderful. English alphabet (more or less), an interesting case system and conjugations, wonderful literature.


Correction: More-or-less latin alphabet :) -- the 7 cases and the fact that proper nouns change stems depending on case and gender will bend your mind


Been studying Polish off an on for about nine years. Believe me, mind is bent! I'm enjoying reverse engineering style learning via English for Polish speakers!


I saw that Polish people can learn English but I would also like to able to learn Polish as an English speaker. Any chance


Sure. I speak Polish as a native English speaker. It's challenging though; more so than say French or Spanish would be because they don't share any root language structure. Unless it is a modern or scientific term there is likely nothing phonetically similar in Polish as in English and given the disjointedness of Polish and English language culture (Polish words don't sprinkle society as Spanish does in the U.S) there will be very little familiarity.


Was it hard to learn? There are a lot of Polish people in the UK and my area who would be happy to give pointers


The most difficult part to learning is finding people who will speak to you and consistently correct you. You also need to have really thick skin. You're going to have your feelings hurt with constant correction but stick with it.

Because there are so very few familiar anchors to English you will essentially just end up remembering words out of thin air. Languages and words with similar phonetics are easier to remember because they have a mnemonic anchor.

Try to mimic this as much as possible. If you hear a Polish word and you can connect it with anything (an english word, a picture, a rhyme, a person) then do it. Really, a "mnemonics 101" book will go far trying to learn such a language.

I can give you resources and pointers if you'd like. You and I can even meetup on Skype or something to converse (in English/Polish)


Yes this would be good but in a few months, as I need to better my french for upcoming exams

[deactivated user]


    Polish, would be appreciated.


    You can sing this song in the meantime while you wait for the Polish course. ;)



    That's a nice song :) But if you wanna impress anyone you have to be able to say: stoł z powyłamywanymi nogami https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD6YksZ4SmU


    a table with broken legs? XD easy, nice song btw


    It's pretty damn tough for natives. As a non native, it's just a cadence to get right.


    you got that right, i had to lecture my brother for 3 hours yesterday till he could get it right because he wouldn't stop begging


    That is a beautiful song. I don't know Polish too much, but it's very melodic and the instrumentals are jest bardzo piękny ( if I said it right)


    good try :) but the correct term would be- instrumenty są bardzo piękne. keep trying, im sure you'll get there :)


    Please, anybody! Start doing Polish and Russian for English speakers, not just the other way around! There are millions who would like to learn these languages.


    I know Polish. What's your superpower? ;)


    Węgierski i polski. :P


    I'd like to learn Polish too; we have loads of Polish kids at school and it's about time I could speak to them properly


    I would love Polish on here. I am a fan of Atari 8-bit computers from the 80's, and there is an active scene in Poland and Czech. It would be good to be able to go to the Polish Atari forums and read the posts, or read the documentation for a lot of Atari apps (like the MADS assembler) which are currently only written in Polish. Maybe make a special bonus course which teaches Atari and computer terminology (words like computer, graphics, floppy drive) and allows people to translate some of these documents for XP. :) Hopefully the Polish language admins will take some of this on board.


    I have been learning Polish for a while. It's hit-and-miss on how/where to get it. I actually have a tutor; she is great but I can only meet once a week.


    You must be in heaven now, I sure am since the Polish course got release on here:)


    I can help with learning Polish (from English). How do I do that?


    Go to http://incubator.duolingo.com and there is a means to apply as a contributor from there.


    Never done BBC before, never heard of it. I suggested maybe Hindi, Russian, and some other people have suggested Chinese and Japanese. Is BBC free?


    100% free it's paid with UK taxes


    I bet some revenue comes in from the non-British media that rebroadcast BBC programming.


    Yeah, I would assume so. The Americans can get BBC America TV show, which I believe is paid and popular because of Doctor Who and such.


    Russian please! ;)


    Yes, that would be nice. :)


    *languages. Sorry, grammer nazi.


    I'm Polish and I'm twelve. I think it a hard word to spell. :)


    Of course, i understand;) Don't misread me, i'm not trying to be a toerag.


    No worries. It was clear what you meant.


    My vote for Greek, which I'm currently studying.


    I vote Russian and Greek.


    I vote Mandarin and Greek. ( I don't need to learn Polish - I AM Polish)


    Yeah, well Obviously the devs should be working on adding more languages.. But then this would become like wikipedia.


    Hmmmm... it would be nice to know Cow. Or possibly Llama, but you wouldn't have any use for it at all. Cow is much more common.


    My vote is greek.


    Russian and Arabic


    I had no idea I got so many answers, until I scrolled WAY down my stream.


    I would like to have lessons for Russian, Polish and Hebrew.


    I have no preferences but I do think Chinese, Japanese and so on would be a bit tricky as it is not the same writing system. I don't see how you could practice writing... In my opinion it would only work for pinyin, else you'd have to create a whole new app to recognize Chinese characters! Kind of the same goes for Russian, Greek etc. ; it's easier to include a keyboard on the screen but far from convenient

    And for those who want Polish, there is another app called "Babbel" that does the trick :-) The app is free; the website however has a monthly fee. But at least you can learn tons of vocabulary. I personally used it for a while in Spanish; if I compare it to Duolingo, it lacks the context (it's mostly raw vocabulary with a picture) but there are more words I think (4000+) and it works offline... Which is REALLY cool in the subway


    Polish is so wonderful ! Język polski to cudowny !


    Yes, I learn polish! I love that language and I have studied it for quite a while so I was very happy when it finally came to Duolingo. Have is it possible to learn polish and the other languages you mentioned on BBC? I want to learn.


    Well, I am Polsih and I am learning Polish too, beacuse why not xd I would like to see how it's looks like on Duolingo :P


    Any chances for Croatian? (probably after recent football events might be more people interested)

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