"Tengerből folyóba vagy folyóból tengerbe?"

Translation:From sea to river or from river to sea?

November 15, 2016

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hez/hoz means "in the process of moving to" soemthing, and be/ba means "in the process of movinginto"

I assume because the water is physically entering the river or the sea


Why suffix "be, ba" rather than "hez, hoz?" (I may have misspelled the last pair.)


How about "From a sea to a river, or from a river to a sea"?


The Hungarian sentence says: e.g the fish are IN the river/sea, not AT the river/sea. The subject of the sentence is wet.


No - there aren't any articles (egy, a(z), ez) in the sentence.


As a non-native English speaker, I am confused. In some cases articles are necessary, in others not. Is there a common rule? TIA.


Ti pa nič ne veš ;-). For non-native speakers putting of articles is very difficult. I just follow the rule. If there is an article in Hungarian I'm putting it in English and vice versa. But, but ...

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