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  5. "Hallasz énekesnőket?"

"Hallasz énekesnőket?"

Translation:Do you hear female singers?

November 15, 2016



ANY is NOT in the sentence!!??? Where is ANY in the Hungarian sentence? Help me understand


no one can explain how "any" go into the English. could it be "do you hear singers?"


Sure, can be.

English just likes to use quantifiers with sentences like these, where there's a question about the existence of an undefined amount of something. ("Is there going to be any rain tomorrow?") But it's not needed.


This sounds distinctly like "Hallak énekesnőnet?" to me.


Why is it hallasz and not hallsz?


When do I need to specify to duolingo that I do understand that they are FEMALE singers? I have been marked incorrect but usually it is not expected in the answer. It is a bit exasperating to know when I have to spell out that i understand it when other times the literal translation which is perfectly good in English is refused and a poetic translation needed.


I had the same problem . In a previous question singers was OK and in this one it was wrong because i didn't specify FEMALE. What is that?

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