"Some car starts off at the red light."

Translation:Valahány autó elindul a piros lámpánál.

November 15, 2016

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If it were: Some cars.... how would it be in Hungarian?


"Néhány autó" or "valahány autó".
The sentence above with "Some car starts off ..." is talking about a single, unspecified, car. This translation, "Valahány autó ... ", is talking about multiple cars. So, the translation is incorrect. I am not sure how to correctly translate this sentence. Maybe simply "Egy autó ..." or "Valamelyik autó ...".

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    The English sentence is grammatically incorrect and therefore ambiguous. I have reported it.


    The issue with this sentence appears to be the translation of the word 'some'.

    "Valahány" is a new word for me. It appears to mean "some" in the context of an unspecified number; except in this sentence. Here "some" does not define the quantity, but rather the (vague) degree to which the car is identified.

    In short I believe the translation is inaccurate.


    You believe very right. Valahány refers to "some number of" objects. A proper translation here would simply be "Some cars start off..."

    The given English version would be better translated with "Valamelyik autó" - "one of the cars".


    What's wrong with valahány autó a piros lámpánál elindul?


    Itt jobb a NÉHÁNY.


    The reverse exercise teaches "some cars start" (plural):

    No wonder this course is so confusing, when some sentences disagree with one another.

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