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  5. "When was that list written?"

"When was that list written?"

Translation:Danh sách kia đã được viết khi nào?

November 15, 2016



Liệt kê is listed as one of the option for 'list'. Is that the verb for list?


danh sách ấy đã được viết khi nào?

This sentence was among the right answers. Can we really use "ấy" in that case?


Why is

"Khi nào danh sách đó đã đượ́c viết?



It might be that "Khi nào......." at the beginning of the sentence is for the future. Ie. When will..... And "............khi nào" at the end of the sentence is for the past. Ie. When was........


I'm wondering if it is really wrong. There is no explanation where to put khi nào or any consistency exhibited. I'm not sure your explanation holds.

The more of this course I take, the more I suspect this is arbitrary as I have seen other exercises changed to allow khi nào at the beginning OR the end. If so, mods please fix this!!


Just report it. The comments don't notify moderators. That's what the flag is for.


What is the difference between "dó" and "kia" meaning that?Are they synonymous? I used "dó" in this sentence and was marked wrong. Please clarify.

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