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  5. "Một giờ đồng hồ"

"Một giờ đồng hồ"

Translation:An hour

November 15, 2016


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What the heck is the "đồng hồ" part doing there? Tôi không hiểu!


Đồng hồ means a clock or watch, it's the equivalent to the English o'clock although it's used in counting hours. So in English we could say 5 o'clock where in Vietnamese we'd say 5 giờ. However, conversely, if we said 5 hours in Vietnamese we could say 5 giờ đồng hồ or 5 tiếng đồng hồ.


In Spanish we say "una hora de reloj" ("a clock hour") to emphasize that it is exactly one hour, instead of approximately one hour.

I understand that this is the same meaning here?


I have heard "một tiếng" before?


I use it when I speak Vietnamese with my parents


I thought it meant "an hour clock" haha

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