Long lessons

This lesson is so long and complicated that I have lost internet connection before being able to finish. Three times already!

November 15, 2016


It takes me up to a half an hour for each lesson. And these are just to "strengthen" ones I have done (and previously strengthened). I haven't progressed in weeks because I can't even keep my previous skills golden. A lot of my time is spent just remembering the poor translations so I can get a particular question right.

November 18, 2016

Yes, I agree. A lot of sentences are too long, sometimes even that long, that in multiple choice questions the answering menu is hidden. But they are correct at all, so there is no reason to mark them as wrong. So they are never reviewed.

I really wonder what might have gone around in the heads of those "creative minds" that created that course. If it was the idea to make the course "Hungarian for English speaking people" absolutely unique, then i must say, there is no need to improve it anymore. But the idea of a good course which gives motivation to learn the language was missed.

I just picked out three sentences of the Geography lessons (it could have been any other lesson as well):

Igen, felszállsz a buszra, leszállsz a második megállóban, felszállsz a villamosra és elmész a Margitszigetre. - Yes, you get on the bus, get off at the second stop, you get on the tram and you go to Margaret Island.

Azok a külföldi turisták nem a régi házakba mennek be, hanem a híres épületekbe. - Those foreign tourists are not going into the old houses, but into the famous buildings.

Nem, nem megyünk a Balatonra; esik az eső és cápák vannak a tóban. - No, we do not go to Lake Balaton; it rains and there are sharks in the lake.

P.S.: Sharks in the Balaton are as funny as flying kindergarten teachers.

November 18, 2016

Agreed. It was frustrating to go through the course the first time, and when reviewing lessons they become even more infuriating. Many are badly written, incompetently translated, and pedagogically useless. And yes -- the idiotic sense of humor becomes grating very fast. It seems to have been written by people with mediocre Hungarian and very poor English, who have never learned another language and so have no ability to imagine what might be useful. It's a shame because it's hard to find good tools to learn Hungarian if you're not in the country.

November 19, 2016

But you don't HAVE to keep your previous skills golden, right? The course isn't perfect, but in this way you are making it even more frustrating for yourself. Maybe carrying on with new skills instead of keeping the tree golden could give you more energy and enthusiasm to continue learning. Some of the lessons are much better prepared than others.

November 18, 2016
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