"Whose table is that?"

Translation:Kiknek az asztala az?

November 15, 2016

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Why kik but not ki?


Both versions should be accepted.


"Kinek az asztala az?" is still not accepted. I reported it.

I will have a look again in seven months ;-)


Which lesson is this?


It is Possessives 1


Thanks. I did not manage to encounter it. I will give it a few more tries so you can come back sooner than seven months. :)


In the mobile version of Duolingo I can't see when you typed it in here. But kinek is accepted meanwhile :-)


I must have missed something in the notes that are still non-existent for mobile users (which includes me most of the time) -- why is "that table" rendered as az asztala az, instead of az az asztala, as I'd expect from earlier lessons? What causes the second az to go after the noun? And which lesson's notes explain this construction?


It is a different construction.

Start like this:

That is a table. Az egy asztal.
That is a chair. Az egy szék.

That is Péter's table. Az Péter asztala. or Az Péternek az asztala.

That is Kati's table. Az Kati asztala. or Az Katinak az asztala.

That is whose table? or better: Whose table is that? - Az kinek az asztala? / Kinek az asztala az?


Thank you, Zsuzsi! So, the first az is part of the phrase "whose table":

  • kinek az asztala

... and the second az is the "that":

  • Kinek az asztala az?

Is that it?

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