"Az emberek kifutnak és kiugranak a hajóról."

Translation:The people run out and jump out of the ship.

November 15, 2016

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Hmmmm. Does anyone know why the Hungarian says "KI-futnak és KI-ugranak" if it is translated to English with only one "KI"? It seems logical that people "run out and jump out".


It is a bit ambiguous what is actually happening here. Is the ship in the harbor with the people both running out of it and jumping out of it? Or are the prople running first to a position where they can jump out? Are they running out of their cabins, then jumping out of the ship? Not sure.
I say both versions should be accepted.


You jump off of a ship, not out of a ship. Same in Hungarian. Leugranak, nem kiugranak.


You can jump out of a BOAT however (you jump off of a cruise ship, but out of a dinghy), i guess because the scale makes the relative height of the boats walls more relevant, and i believe hajo is used for both ship and boat.


Bravo dublen. You are absolutely right These small things discourage the learners and take them to quit the course.After almost two years with Duo I do not see any solution except to try to calm yourselves and go further. ,because I must admit there is still no better FREE course on the net.


Also, "boat" should be accepted as well as "ship".


Sometimes Duo wants you to translate literally, and at other times more idiomatically. Oh well, I agree with ljikontic, let's be grateful that it's there.


2 years ago vvsey said running out and jumping out should be accepted. It still isn't as I've just learnt to my cost. I've reported it. Will it have any effect?


------- eventually after enough of us report that "our " versions should be accepted . . .

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