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  5. "Do you drink water?"

"Do you drink water?"

Translation:Ви п'єте воду?

November 15, 2016



Should I think them like in German, or in Japanese?

Der Des Den Dem and etc. が、は の を に and etc.

[deactivated user]

    If you're asking about the language structure, it's closer to German than to Japanese. In Ukrainian, just like in German, words change (вода — воду), while in Japanese we just add a suffix without changing the form of the word (水 — 水を).


    Yes, I was asking about the language structure. Perhaps my question was obscure... Thank you for your answer! I understood that Ukrainian is closer to German. Then, I can make good use of my German knowledge. Thank you!


    Why is it ви п'єте and not ви п'ять?


    П'ять is the number 5


    No, I do not drink water.

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