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Greek Difficulties

It is very difficult to start with the words, such as "letter", "bad", "father"... It is even difficult to guess the words because they are not familiar or close to English or any other language. I suggest the ABC startup lessons should be easier.. There is no guidelines for the keyboard as well.. Spanish basics are much more clear and easier for beginners.

November 15, 2016

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Hello! You should not aim to guess the words in any language, that's why Duolingo highlights new words and offers 'hints' when you hover over a word with your mouse. Check the hint for a new word and then try to remember its meaning the next time it appears. Do it enough times and it will stick to your memory!

The introductory lessons aim to associate the letters of the Greek alphabet with the way they are pronounced in Greek.

This discussion offers help with adding a Greek keyboard to your computer, alternatively you can check the Duo wiki here.

Happy learning!

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