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  5. "The menu has Japanese food."

"The menu has Japanese food."

Translation:Quyển thực đơn có thức ăn Nhật.

November 15, 2016



Food means "thức ăn" or "đồ ăn". I know Vietnamese is a bit complicated but I am Vietnamese and "đồ ăn" is not wrong at all. Please fix and thank you.


thuc don co do an nhat thi sao ?


"Thức ăn" and "đồ ăn" are wrong in this case. "Món ăn" is correct. No Vietnamese people say that. Maybe, "nhà hàng có thức ăn/đồ ăn Nhật" but "Quyển thực đơn có món ăn Nhật Bản".

[deactivated user]

    No, I am Vietnamese and I also could say that. "Thức ăn" and "đồ ăn" are also correct. Don't be a fool !


    Are thực and thức two different words? Or do they both mean food, and are pronounced differently for some reason?

    [deactivated user]

      "Quyển thực đơn có món ăn Nhật" or "Quyển thực đơn có đồ ăn Nhật" are also CORRECT.


      i had "Quyển thực đơn có thức ăn của Nhật" and it marked it wrong. why would possession not be right?

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