"I sleep in what I work in."

Translation:Abban alszom, amiben dolgozom.

November 15, 2016

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why suddenly amiben and not amelyikben? is amelyikben correct?


Since the noun is not named in the first clause, we use "ami".

Compare these two sentences:

"Abban a ruhában alszom, amelyikben dolgozom. - I sleep in the clothes in which I work.
"Abban alszom, amiben dolgozom." - I sleep in what I work in.

"Amely" and "amelyik" have to refer back to a "named" noun.
"Ami" refers back to an "unnamed" noun. Or it refers back to the whole clause:

"Egy irodában dolgozom, ami jó nekem." - I work in an office, which is good for me.

The "named noun" can be in a previous sentence, in the context. It does not need to be in the same sentence:

Q: "Melyik ruhában alszol?" - Which clothes do you sleep in?
A: "Abban (alszom), amelyikben dolgozom." - (I sleep) In the ones that I work in.


Thanks! That was very helpful!


How do I differentiate, if its refering to the whole clause or to a "named" noun ?


I don't remember what the course's convention was, I'd say

amiben = in what

amelyikben = in which


So we are talking clothes and not rooms, right, or it would be located?


amelyiken - on which (singular named object)....
amelyikben - in which (singular named object)...
amin - on what (singular unnamed object)...
amiben - in what (singular unnamed object)...

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