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  5. "Indians like to eat chilli."

"Indians like to eat chilli."

Translation:Người Ấn Độ thích ăn ớt.

November 15, 2016



I think it would be also correct with '' Những người Ấn Độ thích ăn ớt''... So you could add this answer. Thanks.


I think you couldnt because that would be equivalent to saying THE Indians rather than just Indians in general.


imo by saying 'The indians' you usually mean Indians in general, so 'những' still could be added to the beginning of the sentence, right?


I don't think so, it more like 'indian people'...


So many examples of the plural usage NOT including những or các. How are we to understand when it is correct to use and when it is not correct to use if we never get a real explanation? Are những and các simply not necessary most of the time? Again, how would we know? At least if we use the word, our meaning should be clear. If we don't use it, the meaning - to us - could be different. Remember we're trying to learn here. When is it correct and when is it not, and how do we know?


I think we did get an explanation. I have learned that if the plural is meant in a general way, like here, những or các is not necessary. The question for me is only if những is also acceptable here, although it is not accepted by DL if you do.


Yet another random example of người meaning people without the use of những. Either Duolingo should explain why this usage is ok and why it cannot be interpreted another way or they should admit the translation is ambiguous and can mean either person or people.


"Chilli" is the way the British spell it. I guess it's still correct though. Funny to me because words like "colour" and "neighbourhood" are spelled the way Americans spell it.


Am I the only one who thinks this phrase is a little offensive?

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