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How to separate an account, by language, into two accounts?

My 8-year old daughter started learning Spanish on here, under my account, and loves it.

However, I'm divorced and her work needs to travel between homes with her. We have a shared, daughter-based email for online work, and, while I can create a new account, moving the work she's already done would be ideal. And, she's done well.

November 15, 2016



just sign into a different computer if she has one and just log in that way? i'm not sure what the question is asking.... I still hope your daughter can become fluent in spanish! :D


You can't. You have two main options:

  • Create a new account for her and either test out, or you jump on while she is not looking and do the first few lessons for her. Probably the latter as she only has 20XP according to your profile.

  • Delete the languages she is not doing from your account, change the name, profile pic, change email etc. Then give this account to her. Create a new account for yourself and test out of German (or whatever).


That's what we did a few hours before you posted. Thank you!


I'd like to transfer the work my daughter did under my account and my email to a separate account and separate email so both my ex and I can see our daughter's progress and maintain the account without our daughter having to start over.


How shall that migration work out for good?

Two accounts, different learning profile, different progress, probably different data tracking ids...

An admin would have to MANUALLY do some export by userid / change data ids / import of database.
Or use any internal DuoLingo admin tools, if there are any, to do that.
How long may that take a supervisor to do? Will you pay for?
I really doubt that this is doable and any DuoLingo programmers have thought about this very rare case before for internal admin tool implementation.
Many people are complaining about their streak losses and on forums there where not any positive repair posts which have got my attention.
. .
But what I already know from all my own previous postings on the forums (zero feedback) for sure is that this "special request" is somehow misplaced on the forums and will not get their attention.

You better give them a direct call or write them a mail / open a ticket!!

She can easily start from zero with the new course by taking the very first introduction test on a new account.
If she may fail within she could easily level up / unlock skills by using the "test out of y skills" check points in the tree.
Even for skills there are test out practice tests on the right side...

Should not take her too long?!?

My 2cents


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