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  5. "אני רוצָה פיצה בלי אננס."

"אני רוצָה פיצה בלי אננס."

Translation:I want pizza without pineapple.

November 15, 2016



Stop hating on pizza with pineapple.


you filthy barbarian shame on you!


We very rarely order pizza, but we did last week. I asked my son if mushrooms and olives sounded good. “Sure! Can we get pineapple too?” I love pineapple on pizza but wouldn’t want to impose on someone who doesn’t like it, so that made me happy. Everyone is allowed to dislike certain flavor combinations but I don’t understand the vitriol about pineapple on pizza.


Honestly most people like pizza without pineapple.


I mean, yeah, 99+% of the time I have pizza there's no pineapple. But sometimes a pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza hits the spot.


Finally a sentence that makes sense!


What is the difference in usage between the different words for "without" (e.g., ללא, בלעדי, בלא, ...)?


בלעדי is for a person בלי for something ללא is for verbs


The most common and neutral is בלי. Then ללא is synonymous, but more formal, and בלא also synonymous and even more formal, a bit archaic. They can be used for things and for persons. בלעדי is mainly for persons, but also for things in the inflected form (בלעדיה, בלעדיהם etc.).


Which pizza includes pineapples? (Sorry for the ignorance :p)


At least here in Germany there's a "Pizza Hawaii" that is with pineapple.


Hm... I don't think there I have seen that... Now I remebered "Pizza Califórnia", that is made with preserved fruit(s), like peach, fig, pineapple, and maybe others...


Hawaiian pizza is ham and pineapple (in America). Probably not a big seller in Israel though...


Actually very common in Israel, too, often with turkey pastrami instead of ham (still not kosher, of course, but more palatable to many Israelis...)


Very common? I've been living in Israel for 2 years and a half and I've never seen such a thing...


I admit defeat. I was sure it's very common, and I'm still quite sure it was, once... but it's on 25 years old memory... We're still occasionally ordering pizza home, but no one in my home ever looks in the direction of either pineapple or meat. I checked now the sites of three chains. They all offer pineapple, but none offers pastrami, and none has a special name for the combination of Ananas and any meat...


How is it, I never eated such thing. Pizza with pineaple. What weird.


hawaiian pizza


What nice: Ananas is pineaple in Portugal, We call it "abacaxi" If you've a big matter to sort out so we would say: "It seems like you've a pineaple to peel off." It's verry pop here. "Você tem um abacaxi para descascar"


I also like pizza without spagghetti!!!


I love pizza with pineapple, turkey ham, olives. So good!

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