"Whose new bicycle is this?"

Translation:Kinek az új biciklije ez?

November 15, 2016

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I am confused about the placement of "ez", thinking that Hungarian logic here would be roughly like: To whom is this new bicycle? "Kinek ez ..." was rejected. Is it wrong or strange? Google translate gives "Kié ez ..", not that I trust it much.


I also put "Kinek ez az új biciklije". I hope that someone will explain why this is wrong. Just when you think you're getting there...


why is (is it) az required before uj biciklje? Is it because there is uj in front of it?


When owner is not known, the noun takes ending for 3. person singular?


"Who" is by nature a third person, so, yes. But in Hungarian it can also be in the plural.


I just saw all the accepted solutions here, and hope to understand before long the logic behind this sort of construction. "Ez kinek ..." makes sense to me, the rest not yet.

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