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  5. "Eu bebo chá e eu como pão."

"Eu bebo chá e eu como pão."

Translation:I drink tea and I eat bread.

February 19, 2014



that computer voice is complete crap


In English, we would say I drink... then eat, WITHOUT REPEATING "I" just as in translations... I believe my answer should be accepted, just as it is in translation, acceptable with or without repeated "I."


It's correct if you don't repeat the pronoum like "Eu bebo chá e como pão"


Would it be gramatically correct to drop the pronoun and ay just "como pao" rather than "eu como pao"? I ask because this is the case in Spanish. Thanks.


Yes, it's fine to say "Eu bebo chá e como pão".


I think it is, at least last time i checked with L1 speakers. Don't try it on DL, though. The owl insists on each and every pronoun


In one of the first questions they ask you to name "the tea", and the correct answer is "o chá". Why is 'chá' considered a masculine word when it ends in a? Thought this makes it feminine?


There are some words that end in A but are masculine (O dia, for example) You just need to memorize them. =)

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