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We are in Beta! [Under Construction]

Hello everyone,

I would like to give you a big, warm, Romanian welcome to the beta phase!

Beta phase means that you, the community will be testing our course, and reporting any sentences that you may find wrong. If your translations was not accepted, and you think it should have been - send us a report and we'll be sure to have a look into it!

Update (25 November, 2016)
We're working to resolve reports and fix our sentence translations.

Things you should know

1) The course is in Beta phase, and this means that there are still a lot of things missing, however the awesome duolingo community can help us find those missing things faster so that we can help this course reach it's full potential.
2) The TTS (Text-to-Speech) robot tends to pronounce things wrong from time to time. We are aware of this and want to fix the issues with it!
3) [common phrases skill] some sentences begin with "-"... and the "listen to it slower" part of the listening exercises says "punct și virgulă... and then the sentence" - for now, please disregard this.
4) The tips and notes section might contain spelling mistakes. Please read the comments section here, and if your finding has not yet been reported, help us out! ;-)

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I write with Romanian diacritics?
2) Where can I find statistics on the Romanian course?
3) When will Romanian be available on Mobile? - Read JensBu's comment

November 16, 2016



It has the best Tips and Notes I've ever seen.


I think so. I love it!


The course is awesome! I love it already! (I don't mean to be nitpicky, but in sentence right before the first update, you used the wrong form of your)


I'm so happy that Romanian is here. Please let me offer my gratitude to your team for putting this together--I'm sure that most of us on the user side don't know the half of the effort you've expended. Mulțumesc!


Many thanks to all the contributors for the course!


Thank you for your long, hard work on bringing this course to reality for all of us :)


excellent job sebastian, so proud of you and the team for getting this out there, and thus far it's a terrific course

only thing is that I wish somehow that we had the audio from your memrise course, which I'm guessing you recorded yourself. really helped with pronunciation


I am going to further advance with the creation of the memrise course - but probably for that reason (sound) - I want to create file where you (the community) can have access to the native pronunciation of some, if not all of these sentences, until we find the best solution for sound here.
Starting tomorrow we will cut audio for those sentences pronounced wrong (such as ones containing the words "beau" and "bou")

this will be a side task


thank you, your dedication to this course is just incredible and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we appreciate it. it's good hearing the audio done correctly.


There's actually a surprising amount of Romanian Memrise courses. Which one are you referring to? Thank you!


I've been waiting for this day for a long time! Congrats on finishing and thank you :)


Thank you so much to the entire Romanian for speakers of English team! You have given us a wonderful gift for the end of the year. I have been looking forward to learning the easternmost language of the Romance Language family for some time and now I finally get to do it. Thank you Duolingo for making this possible!


I'm really happy that the course has finally been launched. And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, since it’s just started, but I’ve been wondering: When can we expect the mobile version? How long does it normally take Duolingo to launch a mobile version? I know that Greek entered into Beta two months ago and it still hasn’t gotten the mobile version. Is that what we should expect for Romanian?


Congratulations and thank you soooo much team Romania! I have been waiting for this moment for so long! Born in Turkey to a Romanian mum, I never had the chance to learn my "mother tongue". I tried to learn on my own from books but it didn't really work and I never had the time or money to go to a Romanian language course. This was really something that I regretted, not being able to learn Romanian, until now! You really are making a dream come true for this girl here, no exaggeration.

In short, I am infinitely grateful. Thank you. <3


Wow! Congrats Romanian team! Glad that you guys made a new course for us!


Congratulations for entering into beta!

Also... I do not plan to go far on the Romanian tree at this moment, but I found a typo on the "common phrases" skill tips & notes.

http://prntscr.com/d7t1bs Apparently, there is an extra t in "mult,umesc" (I knew this word before, by my previous experience talking to some romanians). =]


This is what beta is all about :-)

Thanks so much for your help - fixed it!! :-)



I have been waiting your course for a long time! It's time to learn some Romanian now :)


Thanks a bunch, I've been waiting for this for a long time! It's gonna help me keep my Romanian skills alive and maybe help clear up some questsion about some grammar I've had previously. Great job, guys! :)


Waited for it for a long time, been living in Romania for two years now, and I understand everyone, but when I try to speak, it's bad :)) Mulțumesc din suflet pentru cursul


Yeaaah! Hooraaaaay! Congratulations! Well done guys and gălz.

Question: are you found of some small .mp3 (.wav? other extension) sound files here and there, instead of the TTS bot? I offered my help in the past, but it was ignored. Now with the course on screen, I know what words/phrases you need.. You can PM me a link where I could drop some of those files... Male, female, child, donald-duck voice, whatever.

Although the speech during the first lesson improves as the lesson progresses, it is a bit disappointing that the very-first-ever word in the course („fată”) is pronounced soooo bad. :P.. That is the name card, you know... hehe

Edit: tip: try to double/triple the vowels in the bot's text, for example „faaatăă” is pronounced clearer, or put it in a phrase and crop it with audacity or whatever tool you use, like ”o fată și un băiat”, sună mult mai clar.


I waited for ever for this so thank you!


Hurray! Yeah! I was waiting for a long time!


Thanks a lot!

I am enjoying the course so far. I have studied some French, Italian, Catalan and Portuguese this last year, and I wanted to taste this language, because it is probably a bit different than other romance languages, it may have a slavic flavor.


On the tips and notes for Basics 1, there is a grammar error. The sentence reads: "Although Romanian has exceptionally few pronunciation exception..." where it should say "pronunciation exceptions".


Thank you for everything!!!! Just started, and things look great! Multumesc!

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Hooray! I am one happy girl for now! Thank you so much Sebastian and the whole team!


Congrats to the Romanian team! Everything looks great so far!


Thank you so much! It is nice to hear that :))


First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hard work! I just took the first level and there are two things I think are worth mentioning: 1.The pronunciation mode: For me it sounds a bit too fast. I'm not always sure I can positively catch what's pronounced when. Maybe add 'slow down' option like with other Duolingo courses? 2. The Keyboard: I'd love to have the possibility to write properly in Romanian, with all the symbols and everything (even though Duolingo accepts the answers without them). I think adding a symbol keyboard would be good. I know I could set up Romanian keyboard on my computer but I won't be able to locate the symbols easily + having them in app version is also important.

Mulțumesc ;)


Yes, these are things we will be doing (+ a lot more) in the beta phase


Awesome! & thanks again!


thank you thank you for working so hard to make this course! PARTY TIME!!!


Contratulations and thanks for launching the course! I know it was a long process. Your course on Memrise, Sebastian, was actually the first one that I used to study Romanian. At that time, you were at 37% here. I am also ready to participate in identifying inconsistencies. At this page https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ro/Food2 : instead of 'COMPUND FOOD NAMES' it probably should be 'compound food names'. At https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ro/Food1 : "Voi mănâncați un tort." seems not correct to me as well. I will continue posting as soon as I notice something else. Thanks again!


We clicked on that „food 1” link. We are taking the opportunity to signal a typo in the grammar brief there: „Some exmples would be lapte, miere, zahăr etc.” (first paragraph)


Grozav! Mulțumesc foarte mult! :)


I completed the first 3 levels, but I can't open the next one. Why??? I did all the assignments. :-/


Thanks for all your hard work so far getting this course as far as it has come. At one point I recall seeing a projected release date in July next year (I think) so I'm thrilled to get it many months earlier than anticipated. I look forward to learning some Romanian, and I can't wait for Romania's Eurovision entry - I hope it's in Romanian so I can test out my listening skills!


Thank you for all your hard work on this! I was so chuffed to find Romanian in the incubator last year; and have been keeping an eye on progress ever since.

I started this morning and so far it's great. 13 years later than I originally planned to lear Romanian, but its a start :)

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