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  5. "Tu gătești foarte sărat."

"Tu gătești foarte sărat."

Translation:You cook very salty.

November 16, 2016



"You cook with a lot of salt" was not accepted but makes a lot more sense in english


"Your cooking is very salty" is acceptable.


That's the one, and most likely to be what they mean.


I feel like 'saltily' should totally be a new word


i thought i was making it up too when i used it. then i looked it up. it is a word


The English sentence is incomplete. There should be a noun as in "You cook very salty FOOD" The new options for reporting a problem do not allow to indicate that the English is incorrect.


Usually when you look at a sentence, (the English part) and it looks plain wrong, you go away and think about it, and manage to come up with some unlikely situations in which it could be used. But not here... it's just rotten English. The main thing though, is that we understand the Romanian.


This translation is WRONG!!!!! It could be: "Your cooking is very salty." or possibly "You cook very saltily. Salty is an ADJECTIVE and should apply to a noun. E.g. The salty soup, The Salty Dog (slang for a sailor)


Yes, it is using an adjective as an adverb.


As per multiple previous comments the translation suggested is WRONG because salty is not actually an adverb, it just looks like one.


This sounded like an insult in Romanian so I shall use it as one. It just sounds a little harsh, like German sometimes.


This doesn't appear to make sense in English. "You use a lot of salt when you cook"??

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