"Eu mănânc usturoii de pe masă."

Translation:I eat the cloves of garlic off the table.

November 16, 2016

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"I eat the garlic from the table" is accepted. It's a good solution.


I agree as it is natural British English. At present DL does not accept 'from on the table' which would be equally correct and good perhaps more literal in translating the 'on.' I not above Sebastian Molin, above, has said "off of the table" which sounds like a jarring Americanism to me and I can't comment if it is correct or slang in American grammar!


American here. "Off the table" suggests that you are eating with your face on the table


Substantivul ”usturoi” nu are plural! Corect este: ”Eu mănânc usturoiul de pe masă.”


Is there a difference between "Mănânc usturoii DE PE masă" and "Mănânc usturoii PE masă"? Those "two prepositions"-phrases are one of the themes that confound me the most in Romanian! :(


Good question.

When you say "Eu mănânc usturoii de pe masă" you are saying that you are eating those garlic(s) that are on the table (hence - off of the table). Sayin "PE masă" alone would be understood as "I eat the garlic(s) while I am sitting or standing on the table.

Edit: I realised the accepted and best answers had been wrong, so I modified the answers for this sentence.


"I eat the garlic cloves from off of the table."

'from off of' is, perhaps, an Americanism, but it's not wrong.

"Cloves of garlic" and "garlic cloves" are exactly equivalent English.

So, why is my answer naked wrong?

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