"The beef"

Translation:Το βοδινό

November 16, 2016

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Any difference between " βοδινό and "βόειο"?


It's a bit weird, but yeah, there is. xD

Βόειο is meat from a 8-16 months old animal (usually 12-16)

Βοδινό is meat from a 16+ months old animal.

(Greek. It's all about the details.xD)

Edit: (Well. At least only some people believe there's a difference. You could be good with just βοδινό, as HellasCad said.xP)


So that would mean that Βόειο translates to veal, and Βοδινό translates to beef? veal is the same animal but usually around a year old or less.


Yes, but as Dimitra said, I doubt you'd ever get to use "βόειο" instead of "βοδινό".


The difference is only in language form. The word βόειο is older, and not much in use nowadays. You are safe by using βοδινό.


So the difference about the age of the animal isn't legit? That's weird. I've been hearing that quite a lot. Not that you would ever need to make that kind of a distinction, but I thought it was a thing.xP


I only hear that difference from you, and I was born and raised in Athens for 33 years :-)


Hm. That's interesting. At least I've heard some people saying it, so I'm not the only one. I've got another question. I thought βοδινό would only refer to male (since βόδι is male), while βόειο could mean of male or female. Is that true or not? ^.^


No wonder then the English speaking people say, "This is Greek to me" xD


Well, the true word for the female (cow) is αγελαδινό (since αγελάδα is the female), but there is a tendency to call βοδινό even cow meat. Go figure... :-)


Greek sometimes is just... -.- xD Thanks for your input though ^.^


would it be wrong or unusual to say το κρέας βοδινό here? (made a mistake by typing "κέρας" instead, so since that's wrong I never found out)


It would be correct to say "Το βοδινό κρέας".


So Βοδινό is the meat, not the dish you want to be served att restaurant?


I went with 'το κρέας βοδινό', it was marked as wrong so it would seem I got the κρέας in the wrong place.


Yes, that's right. It has to be "βοδινό κρέας" ;)

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