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  5. "Ξέρω και σου δείχνω."

"Ξέρω και σου δείχνω."

Translation:I know and I show you.

November 16, 2016



"I know and I am showing you" would be ok. But "I show you", ie present tense with a habitual meaning, is hard to find a natural interpretation for here.


'I know and I show you' is not proper English? It would be 'I know and I'll show you.'


I agree with this comment, if someone said this to me I know they would mean there and then, I think the original Greek should be altered for a better translation.

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As Phil682961 states above this could also be "I know and I am showing you." which uses the Present Continuous in English since in Greek the same form is use.

However, to introduce a future tense "...I'll show you" would not be a possible translation since the Greek is in the present tense.


Would this phrase sound better: ""Ξέρω και εγώ να σας δείξω" (I know and I am going to show you)?

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Ξέρω και εγώ να σας δείξω means "I also know to show you" because Ξέρω=i know, και εγώ=me too, να σας δείξω=to show you. So it could be used p.e. if you wanted to reassure someone that not only your friend knows to show him (how to do something, where is something etc) but you also do. "I know and I am going to show you" would be "Ξέρω και θα/πρόκειται να σας δείξω"


"I am going to show you" would be better as (εγώ) θα σας δείξω than with να (which sounds to me more like "and I'll show you, shall I?" or "and let me show you" or something like that in this situation, where there is no verb before the να).


Structure is fine. Drop the conjunction and you have two complete sentences.

'I show you' is present tense so you are doing it now. 'I'll show you' is future tense.


This is not the answer that showed! Instead it read "I will be back in 1 hour"!


    Did you report it using the REPORT button? Sentence discussions are not where these issues should be reported. ;)

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