"Voi citiți meniul sau ziarul."

Translation:You read the menu or the newspaper.

November 16, 2016

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Damn, these audio files are really impossible to understand. I pray for the day Duo decides to get some native speakers to actually read all the sentences in the exercices, instead of these computer generated voices. Raise your hand if you agree ;)


At least in the esperanto course we have actual recordings of people reading the sentences lol


@Thomas_Slo: agreed, hand raised^_^


That's a strange sentence.


I've been trying to figure out if it's an education quirk. Welsh and Spanish have some incredibly bizarre sentences that no one would ever use. Otherwise Romanian has a stranger format than Welsh.


Voi is plural, as if you're speaking directly to a group, should accept "Yall" or "You all" or "You guys"


voi translated to english is actually "ye" not "you"i know its plural but it was a bit confusing at the start


"Voi" is "you all" as in "y'all".


Duolingo isn't accepting "you all" or "y'all" instead of "you" so I reported them both as answers that should be accepted :)

[deactivated user]

    It seems to me is you plural just as it is in Italian...


    'Voi' means you, but PLURAL. as in You'll or you all


    You'll is just you will Do u mean y'all


    why is it voi cititi and not tu citeste?


    "Voi" is plural. "Tu" is singular.

    "Tu citeste" "Voi citiți"


    Actually it's "Tu citești" and "El/Ea citește"


    I think the same thing but for some strange reason duolingo doesn't know that and they say that voi does not translate to you all (plural).


    because the lady is talking about the person.


    Why cant you translate it to the newpaper and the messeage and only just 1 way


    I typed the correct answer and was still marked wrong. I have noticed this happened a couple of times before.


    Are "menu" and "the menu" used interchangeably? Is there a reason this sentence uses "the menu" and "the newspaper?" Would a Romanian speaker say it this way? Instead of "you read a menu or a newspaper." I see this a lot in Romanian lessons for no apparent reason.


    Shouldnt it be you all read the menu (Voi=you all) otherwise Tu citesti meniul ( Tu= You) ?

    [deactivated user]

      Maybe " you all" should be accepted here on Duolingo, because of the confusion " you" creates...but grammatically it is not correct. English uses " you" for both sg and pl form of the pronoun...when one conjugates a verb it is not correct to say for example " you all eat"...same in Romanian, you can't say " voi toți mâncați" ( I am talking only about the conjugation of a verb...otherwise is correct).


      I thought it was voi citesti? Not voi cititi

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