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To Team Romanian... With Love. <3

Thank you guys so much for the course! I am absolutely LOVING your course so far! I have been waiting all year for the Romanian course! And I've gotta be honest, I was getting really bored of Duolingo and almost quit, but I had more fun today than I've had on Duolingo in about 3 months! And you better BELIEVE it was because of the Romanian Course! GREAT Job, Team Romanian. You have given birth to a WONDERFUL course. Thank you so much, can't wait for future updates, and to finish the tree. ~Ashton :)

November 16, 2016



Ditto. I just started the Romanian, but I like it. The TTS voice is very clear, and the explanations/grammar tips are refreshingly clear and complete so far. I had never had any exposure or experience with Romanian, so I'm finding a few surprising features (such as the definite article as a suffix to the noun, a feature common to the Scandinavian languages, but which doesn't appear in Romanian's sister Romance languages.)

Anyway, I'll probably comment more later, but I just wanted to say thanks for all the work, I'm glad the course is finally available, and seems to be of high quality so far!


I was also surprised to see definite article suffixes! They make me feel at home.


literally the first thing I thought of was my experience with Norwegian. since the only languages I've truly tackled on here are romance+german (romanian also has a case system!!)+norwegian, I couldn't feel more at home with this lovely language so far.

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    Hi Kevan,

    Romanian also shares a lot of features (including the postponed definite article) with other Balkan languages, regardless of the branch they belong to.

    Here's an interesting wiki article. I was surprised to find about this myself, since I'm a Romanian.


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    Nice reading, thanks

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      You're welcome


      Thank you to all the contributors and all the people who have helped them through this journey. Congrats on the release!


      I'll add my thanks and appreciation. I joined Duolingo in January 2015 in hopes that the Romanian course would be out soon. It was worth the wait! (Now back to processing all these vowels.)


      I've been waiting for this course for months. I previously learned Spanish on Duolingo so I know it works! I have a lovely Romanian boyfriend and I really want to understand the language. He has been trying to teach me but I know until I do it on Duolingo it won't go in my head properly. I'm so grateful to you guys


      I have also been waiting many months, checking everyday to see if the Romanian course was ready yet! Thanks for your hard work!


      thank you thank you thank you I've been waiting for this course to launch for too long <3 , I had to check every day & everytime I get on duolingo to see if it's ready yet , thanks a lot !


      Thank you, Romanian team! I've been excited for your course since it was announced, so happy it's here!

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      Could I ask how come the Duolingo mobile app does not have Romanian available? I was not aware that the content availability differs when it comes to a channel of distribution.


      Multumesc mult! I am so happy with this course! :D

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