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  5. "Noapte bună, Duolingo!"

"Noapte bună, Duolingo!"

Translation:Good night, Duolingo!

November 16, 2016



me at 4am after I work my way through a lot of this course on the first night it's released.


Duol...what?? mmmpfff.... Not sure if I'll remember this romanian word. :P


I love how the name "Duolingo" is in orange, as if it is a new word! No offense, Duo! XD

P/S: Orange is the new black!


Let's do a #RomanceComparison: Italian - buona notte; Spanish - buenas noches; French - bonne nuit; Portuguese - boa noite; Romanian - noapte bună?!


Not that I know much about Slavic languages, but isn't good night an odd one out for them, too? I seem to remember in Bulgarian good night was Lake Nosht, but the others were variants of Dobre, and you have a similar thing with Russian, where you have Dobre this and that, but for Good night, you have Spakoy nay Noche (please excuse the Latin-alphabet rendition of the Cyrillic). Romanian is interesting as a language because it seems to have a Romance core, but, being an island in a sea of other languages, it seems to have absorbed not only vocab, but other bits of the other languages. Interesting!


In polish it's dobra nocte or something like that


Any interesting stories behind the reason why "noapte bună" is the only one out of all the similar greetings to have the adjective come after the noun?


In short, it has to do with a combination of differences in syntax and geographical influence (i.e. the influence Serbian, Greek or Turkish may have had on Romanian. Try this site to see if it helps:



I'd like to know too.


I think that, as Momzi said below, "noapte buna" is more of a wish for someone else.

So whereas "buna ziua" is simply "good day," "noapte buna" is more like "have a good night" (minus the "have a").

To extend this, if you were to say "Have a good day," you would say "sa ai o zi buna."

(Also, sorry about all the missing accents. My keyboard is dumb)


I wonder what "Duolingo" means!


I think it means learning languages


i put it on google detect language it meant in chinese "oh overpayment"


I got "Multi-collar oh", again in Chinese


It means two languages


How, exactly, is "Noapte bună" used? Is it a greeting (like in Spanish) or a farewell (like in German)?


It is used more like a wish for the other person "I hope you have a good night", right before going to bed, or late enough that you presume that the other person goes to bed.


Duolingo is not an English word, is it? :D


And see you in the Morning Duolingo.


Is it telling me to go to bed?


So my question would be; in Spanish 'buenas noches' is more of a greeting, but it would sound wierd if you said good night in english as a greeting. How is it used in Romanian?

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