"Un fluture mănâncă mărul."

Translation:A butterfly eats the apple.

November 16, 2016

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I'm surprised as to how many similarities Romanian has with Albanian. Fluture in Romanian is flutur in Albanian. This makes learning Romanian a lot easier for me! For example, cucumber is castravete in Romanian and kastravec in Albanian, or parrot is papagal in Romanian and papagall in Albanian. Very interesting. :D


Romanian does have a lot in common with the surrounding languages! That's why I like to call Romanian as a patchwork language. :)


Romanian vocabulary is easy to me because it is about 25% from French, but there are also many Portuguese cognates like passaro/pasare. The grammar seems pretty difficult though.


Romanian is a Latin language too, like Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian...


Sim. Estou accordo com você nisto. Até eles usam o articulo "Eu". :)

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Very good observation! At origin (before the Romans took over), Romanian was a Daco-Geto-Thracian language which links it to Albanian and Greek.


Does that mean that Albanians can understand some Romanian when spoken to them?


Hector290697- I did some research, which you probably did by now. Albanian is an isolate within the Indo-European languages; it is on its own branch. So, even though it is within the Balkan sprachbund, it would not be very "mutually intelligible" with any other language. (By the way, Hooray! and Hoorah! for the newly named country of "The Republic of North Macedonia".) Albanian is, in fact, a recognized minority language in Romania; it is also the third major language in Italy! As to the etymology of "fluture", I wonder? Sounds like the (rather onomatopoetic) English word "to flutter", i.e., to wave or flap lightly and rapidly in an irregular manner, according to the American Heritage Dictionary; that word derives from the Old English idea of "to float". (with ostensible German relatives).


There's quite a bit of German in the vocabulary. Papagal<>Papagai as an example. Romanian really heavily borrowed from its neighbours, something you see in a lot of European languages.


The langfocus channel on YouTube recently did a video on the Albanian language!


I read "măgar" instead of "mărul" and was terrified of that butterfly for a moment.


How does a butterfly eat an apple at all?

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Must be one hungry butterfly with access to a good blender!-)

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