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  5. "I want food without meat."

"I want food without meat."

Translation:Θέλω φαγητό χωρίς κρέας.

November 16, 2016



Why is "Εγώ θέλω τροφή χωρίς κρέας." not correct here?


Because "κρέας" is considered to be "τροφή" by itself.

The issue of "τροφές" and "φαγητό" in greek is almost like the issue of "foods" and "food" in english. 'Food' is a non-countable noun when it refers to food in general. When discussing specific foods, for example, different national cuisines, or a listing of various foods in a person's diet, (a type of food), 'foods' is countable.

Τροφές = foods

Φαγητό = food

Meat could actually be a food in a person's diet, so it's considered "τροφή", and could be contained in food (φαγητό).

It's pretty tricky to explain, but I hope I helped you enough. ^.^


Dimitra made a good effort in trying to explain. Simply, τροφή means aliment, even nutrition. Φαγητό, on the other hand, means meal, and only meal. This is the difference between φαγητό food and τροφή food.


"That's okay, I make lamb."


Thanks Dimitra956826 and HellasCad. You made it a little bit more clear for me (though it feels still complicated :-)


I wrote άνευ κρέατος and it was marked as a mistake, but I think that is a good alternative to the more usual (and obvious) χωρίς κρέας.


Ι don't think that's a very natural-sounding translation. Άνευ is not commonly used in cases like this one - in literal cases, that is. It's used in phrases like άνευ λόγου και αιτίας, άνευ όρων etc.


Is χωρίς always followed with noun in nominative? Does it need some case to be followed with, in object noun?


It's actually in the accusative. It just happens to be the same as the nominative for neuter nouns.


Can you use, Εγώ θέλω φαγή χωρίς κρέας?

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"φαγή" is not a valid form. Φαγί is, but it's so regional/informal/literary/I-don't-know-what that I don't expect to see it on Duo ever. Φαΐ is also a variant, but I don't think it has been included in the course as an alternative because it's very colloquial.

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