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"Acest străin este de naționalitate română."

Translation:This stranger is of Romanian nationality.

November 16, 2016



Cuvântul "străin" se poate traduce și drept "foreigner" în engleză


'foreigner' is indeed the correct translation in this context.


why is "de" being used for "of" instead of the genetive case of nationality?


I think it is more correctly to say, that this stranger has the romanian nationality....


Could we use "românească" în loc de "română"? Is there a difference?


Ok, here is the answer I've found and might be useful for other people:

"It doesn't help that in English we use the same word when in Romanian there are 3 words used with 4 separate uses: a noun 'român', an adjective 'român' to describe a person and the language, an adjective 'românesc' to describe objects, and an adverb 'româneşte' to describe the way someone is speaking or writing."


în loc de; instead of; in plaats van.....


This sentence could make sense if used to explain that someone, who people were thinking was a stranger (but were not wanting to label a foreigner) was actually a Romanian passport holder. So in future will often apply to people born and brought up elsewhere but from Romanian families!

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