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  5. "У вас є лимони?"

"У вас є лимони?"

Translation:Do you have lemons?

November 16, 2016



Can "У вас" used like this?: "(Until something begins) in (-- seconds)" "У вас (until something begins) (-- seconds)" I knew this "У вас ...", when I changed a in-game language settings. Can Ukrainian make this kind of phrase?

[deactivated user]

    «У вас де́сять секунд» means "You have 10 seconds", it's a natural way of saying that you have 10 secongs for changing something. It's possible to add «залиши́лося» 'left': «У вас залиши́лося де́сять секу́нд» 'You have 10 seconds left'.


    Thank you so much for your response! У вас, У мени, etc...

    Does "A natural way" means that it's used all over Ukraine? At least it's a common way in the capital of Ukraine?

    By the way, I heard that Russian is a major language spoken in the Ukrainian capital...

    Is it true?

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, it's literary Ukrainian and it will be understood all over Ukraine.

      Kiev is a bilingual city, and many people there speak both Russian and Ukrainian. Sometimes, bilingual people might speak a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian called су́ржик. However, су́ржик is considered inferior to both Ukrainian and Russian, and people usually avoid mixing the two languages, especially in writing and on 'serious' occasions.


      Everything would be understood if Ukrainian I pronounce is good!

      I'm sad and sorry to hear that. Certainly Russian and Ukrainian are really similar.

      Суржик is spoken among friends or family, Or as a joke? But isn't used on serious occasions such as official events or education.

      Then, I should learn only "The official Ukrainian" like a schoolbook?

      [deactivated user]

        Some people speak суржик among friends or family, others speak it as a joke. It's different for different people.

        Only you know what you should learn! :) Ukrainian, just like any language, doesn't come in just one flavour, there are differences depending on the regions and social status. You could choose to stick to the literary Ukrainian. Or you could use regional, slang and other non-standard words and constructions. Or you could choose to follow an pre-1930 standard, 'Kharkhiv orthography' (it's called 'orthography' but the differences are not just in orthography). It's up to you, really. :)


        (For some reason, I can't reply to your last response... Limitation?)

        Your information and replies are absolutely helpful! :)

        I should not use Суржик on serious occasions... There will be consequences.

        As you say, the joy of learning a language is not the only one! Even if they are not polite, they deserve to be learned.

        I feel like being cheered up.

        I appreciate you and your replies. But, at first I'll do the Duolingo's Ukrainian courses. Then I'll start looking for unofficial Ukrainian phrases :)


        What kind of question is this?


        I don't think i will ever ask this question in Ukrainian

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