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Suggested Improvement - Anyone think it is a good idea?

I have no idea how hard it would be to program but if there was some way for the user to elevate certain words in the practice queue (or for that matter lower them as well).

For example, when I don't 100% know the answer but get it right by guessing, it would be great to have a button to press to push this to the top of my "practice queue".

Similarly, I would love to push the word elephant lower in my training queue. Not exactly a word that is used often in Sweden. I could think of several more useful words for me to practice instead. ;)

Limited time to study everyday. Just want to make the most of it.


November 16, 2016



I sometimes make a silly mistake on an easy word. I am starting to retranslate as I type, for example, in Spanish think "yo" but type I. Or a simple miskeyed letter makes it look like I don't know an easy word. I would definitely like an easy way to strengthen those words- or mark them as known. Also, sometimes the system doesn't update when I have practiced a word. I agree that it would be nice to be able to give feedback to the system. Also in the absence of being able to give feedback, I am not sure I am getting enough review of words I need to learn. They seem to be lost among the known. I have noticed that in the learning section, you practice until it is right, but in the strengthen skills I can make a mistake and never get it again in that session.


Already requested by me on thread "Ask us about DuoLingo - Series 1" (not for lower ranking) - and YES, it must be a joke that you can not link to this discussion thread comment id directly (update: DuoTweak support copying / linking directly comment ids)!

"Will there ever be a feature where you can take WRONG / marked words and sentences over to a "My words / sentences for manual tests / reviews" menu item?

There are at least about 3+ posted questions on discussions forum about this:"
2 years ago (in English): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3546350
My thread (in English): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18639522

Saving problematic vocabulary (in German): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18840812
Words flashcard training seems to be working in an "unknown manner" by also mixing words (from skills) not on list:
Word lower ranking:
I guess this has not been requested before.
As in thread 18840812 (German) explained other language learning software uses e.g 5 index card boxes for this.
You get from 1st box to 5th box "by knowing" these asked words.
Of course you can select which index card box you want to train.
But that has nothing really to do with spaced / timed-interval vocabulary training and rankings how good you may know these words.

Memrise (flower plant) or Ankis spaced repetitive vocabularly learning may be next to what you are searching for?

Personally I do not get out that much from DuoLingos web words flashcard training as it is implemented right now (no listen sound, no pronunciation, no persons e.g for PT-EN/DE).

If you call "Review flashcards" 2-3 times in sequence sometimes some of the old (1-2 bar strength) words show up first, which have been asked just in previous 1-2 runs, but not all 15 words are IMHO fully selected from the 1-2/3 bar strength word list but mixed into also any (unlisted) words from skills.


I like that idea. However, what I'd really love is a feature that lets me specifically target weak words. It's frustrating to keep getting the same vocabulary over and over, long after I've completely mastered it, while other words haven't come up for two years and are marked as overdue for practice. I can keep clicking "strengthen skills" and keep all my skills gold, but the system seems to draw from a very small vocabulary list repeatedly, while leaving many hundreds out of rotation for months or years. I think this also factors into an annoyingly fast rate of skills decline for me -- I often have five or six skills to refresh per day, and yet when I refresh them I just get the same vocabulary I always see, while the unpracticed vocabulary presumably helps to drive down the average, making me need to refresh again soon.


Nice idea. A key characteristic of a successful language learner is being able to guess based on context. At the same time, I too might want to reserve the word for further practice for many reasons.


Yes, I think it would be a brilliant idea. The blanket revisions don't really help me that much, I find Babbel revisions are better as they target my weak points. However, I think Duo is a fantastic resource because of all the languages that are included, Irish being a good example. If they made a charge for each course studied, that would allow for improvements but until then I'm still impressed.

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