"Eu și băiatul vorbim limba română."

Translation:The boy and I speak Romanian.

November 16, 2016

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"I and the boy..." should be considered correct as well, I believe


It should certainly be accepted, despite the English rule of putting pronouns (especially on the first person) last. Sometimes Duolingo prefers a literal translation, sometimes it wants something more idiomatic … the only sensible behaviour is to accept them all.


Yes this is about learning Romanian. Not English. It could say 'Correct. Another translation is...' as Duolingo does sometimes in other languages, too.

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It is grammatically correct, but a convention in English says that when you list several people, including yourself, you put yourself last: "The boy and I...", "Michael, John and I are going...".


Ok, that's about English. What about Romanian? Is it better to start with yourself or with others?

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We don't have a similar convention for personal pronouns, so it's up to you. Both are correct, but the most popular (in my opinion) is "Eu și ..."

In the case of names however, it is regarded as being polite if girls' names are listed before boys' names.


I agree. It's not terribly natural sounding, but it is grammatically correct.


Could it be 'baiatul si eu...' in the Romanian phrase?


It's not wrong, but I don't think there's an emphasis on putting yourself second like there is in English.

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Yes, that is also correct.


It's accepted now. And this is a good thing in my opinion. The point of translating on Duolingo is to show that you know what the Romanian text means, not to make beautiful idiomatic English sentences.


In my opinion, this is the correct way of translating it.

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The proper (and correct) way of translating that sentence is "The boy and I".


For all wondering how to use vorbesc, vorbim etc. here is a chart:

Vorbesc I speak, I am speaking, I do speak Vorbesti you speak Vorbeste he, she, it speaks Vorbim we speak Vorbiti you speak Vorbesc they speak


Where Vorbesti means that just you speak while Vorbiti means that you all speak.


So how would I know which conjugation to use when yousing MULTIPLE pronouns. Eg Eu( I) and baiatul(the boy ie HE), Eu vorbesc, Vorbeste. Yet the sentence is vorbim(We), so pls help?


me + other person(s) = we (noi) - vorbim you + other person(s) = you (voi) - vorbiti other person + other person(s) = they (ei /ele) - vorbesc

Hope it helps


This is what I wanted to know, thanks. Couldn't understand that you plus someone else = Voi. I finally realised that I was thinking of the Spanish Ustedes for You all, and not to use 3rd person plural in Romanian.


'Me and the boy...' should be accepted, that's how many people here would say it


Yes, they do say, "Me and the boy ..", but it's bad English. (You would hear it especially amongst Cockneys. And in a different context! e.g Me and the boy watched the footie.) You would never say, "Me speak Romanian." Unless you're a foreigner with very poor English.


Why not "I and the boy"?


I am really curious if there is supposed to be a "T" sound at the beginning of the pronunciation of "româna" (I don't have the right accent for the second a on my computer....)


I noticed the T- certainly on the slow version. I don't think it ought to be there, but that's a guess.


I and the boy !!!!!


That certainly sounds strange in English. However, if the given example starts with 'Eu' then one can be forgiven for translating it in that order - in my humble opinion!


I and the boy speak romanian


Since I wrote I and boy speak Romanian. Isn't it it a little petty by Duolingo to grade it as wrong. I am trying to learn Romanian and not demonstrate my language skills of the queen's English.


Because the answer would be "I and THE boy"...?


It sounds like there's an extra syllable between the words, before vorbim.


I am confused... I got it right other than the accents but duolingo marked me wrong which doesn't normally happen?!?


The translation is wrong!!

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