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  5. "She is a woman, I am not."

"She is a woman, I am not."

Translation:Ea e femeie, eu nu sunt.

November 16, 2016



Both correct: ea e femeie, and ea este o femeie. I want to know what difference. In this exercise only first correct. Not like in other. Now we know, that difference exist. I hope we will know it later.

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Hi WICandY Probably, you have already found the answer for your question, but i just want let the others this details: 'e femeie' is the short form used for speaking during the informal situations (the language of the street)
English form:/ she's woman/

'este femeie' is the long form use for speaking during the formal situations and it is used preferably in writing English form:/ she is woman/

Hope this is useful for the everyone that is learning this language !


Ea e femeie, nu sunt. It was corrected as eu nu sunt, so...and I apologize I am starting completely from zero with Romanian, but I do have extensive experience in other romance languages. My question is...are pronouns necessary in Romanian or is it just this particular statement that require Eu.


Pronouns are only used for emphasis or when things are otherwise unclear. In this sentence they're there for emphasis, altough I think not needed at all (unless you're referring to transgenders).


I honestly don't know what to tell you. I know a lil romanion, but Eu is (I) and it was needed but you don't usually have to use the pronouns unless it's given to you on Duolingo.


(Is not the correct answer) THEY DO NOT EVEN LET ME PUT THE CORRECT WORD


There was no este or o so i dunno what ur talking ab

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