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Turkish influences?

So I've just started Romanian today on a bit of a whim. I've done a bit of the Turkish course beforehand. Already I've come across two words that are making me think of Turkish o - she ceai - tea The same in Turkish! I wonder what else the Ottoman empire might have left behind?

I must also add that I am finding Romanian fascinating!

November 16, 2016


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She is ea, not o (?) and ceai sounds like the Russian word.

I'm also very happy that Romanian is finally available after such a long wait.

Good luck with the course!

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    "Ceai" is the Russian word, just romanised.


    Ceai ultimately is of Cantonese or Mandarin origin and got to Europe through the Portuguese, Persians and Russians.

    The word tea is of Min origin and it was introduced to Europe by the Dutch.




    For tea, a lof of countries use a variant of "tea", and another lot of countries use a variant of chai. It originally comes from Chinese.


    Yes - the influence lives in words like "pisică" as we'll...

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    I don't know about that - 'pisică' is 'kedi' în Turkish, at least nowadays...


    It was common during ottoman days. It was a loan word from farsi, but some how it ended up in Romanian as well :-)


    there are certainly words in Romanian that come from Turkish. Some examples are ciorbă and geam. You can find a list of them on Wiktionary.


    The word "ceai" (chai) is common in many languages. This includes Turkish, Arabic, Assyrian, Portuguese, Russian, many more. My best bet is that this has something to do with the trade routes and business made in the ancient days.
    When Merchants would buy products from people of a different nation, it was common to call it by the same name it was bought as.
    Although a difficult concept to explain, it actually makes sense.
    For example,
    Brand names are the same in most parts of the globe: Nutella, Lays, Doritos.
    Food names: Tacos, Burritos, Sarma(le). :-))


    If you look hard enough you will find many words of Turkic influence even in languages that were never part of the Ottoman Empire. This is partially because the Turks were not the only Turkic people to migrate to Europe, the Bulgars, for example, come to mind. Many of the Turkic loanwords found in those languages actually come from Old Turkic, not Turkish.


    Ooh dear I never meant to set off a debate about tea! Lol but this is very interesting! :)


    It is also tea in Porutugese but with a different spelling. The word probably comes from Arabic.

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      Chinese actually.


      So from Chinese to Arabic to Russian, Turkish, Romanian and Portuguese?

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        Do you mean the word entered the other languages through Arabic?

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          Do you have any sources to back that statement? "chá" doesn't feature in the list of Portuguese words of Arabic origin...


          For some reason I cannot reply to your last comment. I looked it up. There are multiple origens for the word. All got Chinese as a starting though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etymology_of_tea

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            "Portuguese traders were the first Europeans to import the herb in large amounts. The Portuguese borrowed their word for tea (chá) from Cantonese in the 1550s". Not Arabic then. I'm curious as to why you thought that would be the origin? :)


            I thought it entered through arab traders.

            [deactivated user]

              Nah this goes back to when we actually did things ourselves


              Romanian might have Turkish influences but ceai is not one of them. Chai is the original word for tea in Hindi and is also seen in Japanese, Chinese and sometimes in English.

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              I made a list of all of the words that I could find. I'm sure there are more. Sorry for the wacky formatting, this is how it looks when I copy and paste it from my list.

              EN - RO TR - EN

              hard candy acadea akide (şekeri) hard candy securıty, pawn amanet emanet deposıt, trust tımber, lumber cherestea kereste tımber, lumber cotton bumbac pamuk cotton hinge balama balama connectıon axe baltag balta or baltak axe shıeld calcan (scut, păvăza) kalkan shield abundance, richness berechet bereket abundance, fertility printed cloth, bandana basma basma print, printing, printed cloth trouble, misfortune belea bela darned, trouble, scourge tulip lalea lale tulip crane (machine) macara makara pulley, reel, roller bother w/repetıtion a schia sık often necklace colier kolye necklace date (fruıt) curmal hurma date (fruıt) boot cizmă çizme boot pepper piper biber pepper raki rachiu rakı raki mug bardaca bardak glass bed, alcove iatac (antiq) yatak bed poor area mahala mahalle neighborhood mentally ill person tembel tembel lazy one-eyed, short sighted cor kör blind bedsheet cearceaf çarşaf bedsheet coat palton palto coat shelf raft raf shelf trailer remorcă römork trailer field tarla tarla field match (fire) chibrit kibrit match bean fasole fasulye bean boss, employer patron patron boss, employer gasoline benzină benzin gasoline tip/gratuity bacșiș bahşış tip feast, party bairam bayram national holiday tıcket bilet bilet ticket concrete beton beton concrete bundle, pack boccea bokça bundle, pack dye, paınt boia boya paint, dye pocket knife briceag bıçak knife badger bursuc borsuk badger caboodle/amount calabalâc kalabalık crowded lid, cover capac kapak lid, cover mule catâr katır mule tar catran katran tar tea ceai çay tea veranda, porch cerdac çardak pergola good mood, good will chef keyif pleasure, joy, mood sociable chefliu keyifli pleasant, nice bald chel kel bald frame, border chenar kenar edge, side kofta chiftea köfta kofta bargaın chilipir kelepir bargain afternoon, sunset chindie ikindi afternoon (also twin) shepherd cioban çoban shepherd club, stick ciomak çomak club, cudgel ciorap stocking, hose çorap socks some types of soup ciorbă çorba soup apprentice cirac çırak apprentice drinking fountain cișmea çeşme fountain, water fountain ciuruc refuse, trash çürük rotten, decay mansion conac konak mansion box cutie kutu box cupboard, wardrobe dulap dolap cupboard, wardrobe mulberry dud dut mulberry enemy dușman duşman enemy to hate a dușmani " " come on haide hadi come on at all iok yok none (at all) rush iureş yürü(yü)ş walk, pace jam, marmalade magiun macun paste massage masaj masaj massage message mesaj mesaj message model model model model slipper papuc papuç, pabuç shoe perfume parfum parfum perfume curtain, screen perdea perde curtain, screen purse, clutch poșetă poşet bag (bar) soap sapun sabun soap shampoo şampon şampuan shampoo ❤❤❤❤ off sictir, hai sictir sıktır ❤❤❤❤, ❤❤❤❤ you (lit. let urself get ❤❤❤❤❤❤) stove sobă soba stove hat, cap șapcă şapka hat ceiling tavan tavan ceiling feast zaiafet ziyafet feast cherry vişine vişne cherry hey, wow bre bre hey, yo apricot caisă kayıs apricot pavement caldarâm kaldırım pavement, roadway scale (measuring) cântar kantar weighbridge, scale amber chihlimbar kehlibar, kehribar amber miserly, stingy ciufut çıfıt jew, sly person, deceiver comb darac tarak comb vagabond, hooligan derbedeu derbeder vagabond, tramp carpenter dulgher dülger carpenter hose furtun hortum hose to tickle a gâdila gıdıklanmak to tickle pane, window geam (window: fereastră) cam window, glass ghiveci (vegetable stew) ghiveci güveç casserole, stew ıdea, clue habar haber news inn han han inn humor, fun, wit haz haz joy bowl, basin lighean legen basin port, harbor liman liman port yeast maya maya yeast monkey maimuță maymun monkey dirty murdar murdar uncleanly, murderous guest musafir (also oaspe) misafir guest hookah narghilea nargile hookah ball game oină oyun play, game plane, shaver rindea rende plane, grater, shaver squint eyed sașiu şaşı squint-eyed (also chassis) cord, lace, shoelace șiret şerit strip, ribbon silly, foolish, thickheaded zevzec zevzek silly, giddy

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              Well that worked worse than I thought - here is a link to the list on pastebin. Also bad formatting, but not quite so terrible. http://pastebin.com/nKyPNVHB

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